Wednesday, May 2, 2012

7 Months Old Already!

Y'all I can't believe it! My baby girl is 7 months old! It seems like just yesterday we were at the hospital and I was freaking out because they wanted to let me go home but I didn't think I was ready for it! Apparently I was wrong. Everything went great and she's still healthy and happy!

I would love to tell you that now that she's bigger she is doing so much more, but that would be a lie! She has definitely mastered the rolling over thing and that's really how she gets around... just rolls there! I see nothing wrong with that! She is getting more upper body strength and she's able to push herself up all the way and stay there for a long time. She has the look like she's going to go after something, but never does... I think she's planning it all out and trying to decide if it's worth it! She is starting to crawl backwards... well, push herself back. I think she could be crawling if something really called to her, but like I said, I think she's a little lazy. There are only a few things that will keep her attention for a long time and those consist of the cat and dogs. She LOVES the cat.... I thought she was going to crawl to him last night, but he moved so she gave up. I think he's a little scared about her enthusiasm with him! She also LOVES to grab, so he and the dogs are staying away from her right now!

Saturday we took Allison to the park and my brother-in-law came and took pictures of her! We re-created Easter pictures and then took some "casual" pictures! We kept trying to put Allison on the grass (with a blanket) but she was not happy at all! I don't know what it was, but it was like she was scared of the grass! I can't wait to see the pictures because I know that we got some good ones!

So not only was yesterday her 7-Month Birthday, but it was also Chris and my anniversary! We didn't do a whole lot, went out to dinner than came back home relaxed and watched tv. We are going to Birmingham to see my mom for her birthday and she is going to babysit so Chris and I can go see a movie and go out to dinner just the 2 of us! It's great that she is such a great child and behaves every where we go, but it'll also be nice to have some alone time with my husband!

So I guess that's it for now... sorry there isn't more going on. Hopefully next time I'll be able to report so much more! And have a video of her... she's so cute when she's playing and rotating all around, but I keep forgetting to turn on the camera and when I do, she stops and stares at it!