Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Here are a few pictures from our halloween week! We started out by trick-or-treating at a local town square on Friday, and then went to trunk-or-treat on Halloween! She had such a good time and seems to really enjoy suckers! She went as a Falcon's Cheerleader on Friday and then a Zebra Wednesday! I tell you, both were super adorable! My child could wear anything and be the cutest kid in the room! 

Enjoying a sucker on our first Trick-or-Treat day

So beautiful! 

Trying to share the sucker with the scarecrow! 

Mommy and her beautiful cheerleader! 

A belated birthday present, my little drummer! 

Look at how cute she is! 

Just enjoying a book on the little chair

The cutest little zebra ever!!! 

So adorable!!! 

We might have to wear this costume every day! 

How big is Allison.... SO BIG!!