Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Here are a few pictures from our halloween week! We started out by trick-or-treating at a local town square on Friday, and then went to trunk-or-treat on Halloween! She had such a good time and seems to really enjoy suckers! She went as a Falcon's Cheerleader on Friday and then a Zebra Wednesday! I tell you, both were super adorable! My child could wear anything and be the cutest kid in the room! 

Enjoying a sucker on our first Trick-or-Treat day

So beautiful! 

Trying to share the sucker with the scarecrow! 

Mommy and her beautiful cheerleader! 

A belated birthday present, my little drummer! 

Look at how cute she is! 

Just enjoying a book on the little chair

The cutest little zebra ever!!! 

So adorable!!! 

We might have to wear this costume every day! 

How big is Allison.... SO BIG!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Allison's Allergies

So I finally heard back from the doctor about Allison's allergies. The doctor started the conversation with, "Well, she's definitely allergic to peanuts." Great! I knew it was coming, but this sounded pretty severe. She said that on a scale from 1-6 she's a 4! She's not sure how sensitive she will be to it, but because she's so high on the chart not to take any chances. She said to keep it out of the house, wash our hands well after coming in contact with it, and to not eat peanuts in front of her. Funny thing is, that's not all she's allergic to! Here's the breakdown:

Peanuts- 4
Eggs-1 (I guess that's why it's ok when cooked in foods, but not plain)
Dogs/Cats-1 (HA, well, I guess I'll just be vacuuming more)

She asked if Allison has eczema and I said yes, and she said to cut these items out of her diet and that should clear up! So, I guess Allison is now on a gluten-free diet! I had a suspicion that she could be allergic to gluten after her mini-birthday party when we gave her a bite of a store-bought cake and she broke out, but I thought I was over-reacting! Apparently not! The doctor gave me a website to check out about dealing with allergies and it was helpful. I need to do a lot more research about it so I can figure out what Allison can and can't eat and then start cooking like crazy! The good thing is that it seems to be more common lately, so there are a lot of choices on what to eat and labels that scream "GLUTEN FREE!" So it looks like eating out might be a thing of the past (at least when she gets older) but that's a good thing!

Here's the funny thing, I'm not scared/worried. Chris has been trying to cut carbs from his life and this will be the start we need to get healthier ourselves! I feel like God is trying to tell yelling at me that's it's time for me to get in shape and straighten up about what I'm eating so I don't pass my unhealthy eating happens to my children! I've been wanting to start eating better and this is my wake-up call! No longer can I eat things that my child can't (how selfish is that!) so it's time for me to figure out what's good for her to eat and start cooking that! God has given me this challenge for a reason, and I'm going to jump on the opportunity to take advantage of it! I know that I'm strong enough to handle it, and even though my child might not be eating chips and muffins regularly, I'll make her her own special treats!

So that's it. If you have any advice, please feel free to share with me! Any good books/grocery stores/recipes, I would love to hear. Thanks for your support!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An Interesting Week

So last week was quite interesting for us! We had some GREAT times and then also some not so great times! Allison's been babbling a lot more, and can really mimic what we are saying, or at least the tone in which we say some things! It's quite fun to hear her do this, and now she's starting to "bark" whenever the dogs bark! She'll make more of a grunt, but it's cute and she'll even try to get them to bark with her after they stop!

We also had some family come in from out-of-town and we had a great time with them! Allison is semi-cautious at first of new people, but within 15 mins she's your new best friend! She's such a ham too... she demands attention at times but then is perfectly fine playing by herself other times. We had a great time with them and went out to dinner and to the zoo! She had such a good time at the zoo and it seems like she really knew what was going on! She would stare at the different animals, wave to them, and even growl at them! It was so much fun watching her and even though we were there all day, she was still just as happy as when we first got there! God really did bless me with a perfect child! She cried once when she wanted to get out of the stroller, but then we put her in the front pack and she was perfectly happy the entire day! (she also slept really well that night too!!!)

I did decide to have an experiment and give her a tiny bite of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich... that didn't turn out the way I was expecting! Within 15 mins she started turning red and apparently had gotten the PB on her hands and wherever she touched turned red! She then started rubbing her eyes and scratching her face and about 5 mins later was quite swollen! I put her in the bath with some oatmeal and that seemed to distract her from scratching (she does love baths!). About an hour later she started looking "normal" again! The redness was subsiding and it was becoming more patchy and less all over her. We then left to go meet up with our family and on the way there she threw up what seemed like everything she'd eaten the past 2 days! Well, everywhere she got vomit on her turned red and she started the whole swelling up thing again! We went into the hotel and I gave her a mini bath in the sink and again, within an hour or so she started looking normal again.

I called the Dr. to let them know, if they needed to put it in her chart or whatever, and they told me to come in and get some paperwork to take her and get her allergy tested. I went and talked to the Dr. and she said it sounds like she's pretty sensitive to the PB and it might be best not to keep it in the house (just in case the oils get on her). They also gave me a prescription for 2 Epi-Pens to keep with me at all times, God forbid I have to use them! We then went to LabCorp to get her blood drawn and little did I know they did it just like they took mine! I had to hold her little arm from moving while Chris distracted her and the nurse stuck her! The nurse was really good and got it on one stick, but they needed 2 rather large vials, so it seemed to take forever! Allison was good, but she kept trying to look at what was going on and Chris didn't want her to. When it was over with they put the tape over her arm and I think that just upset her! She kept trying to pull it off and when she did, it would hurt and she'd cry! We then came home and I gave her a bath and took it off (gently) and she's been fine since! What a trooper!

We'll find out in a couple of days what the test results are and how sensitive she is to PB! And what other allergies she possibly has (I know eggs, but we'll see what else)! This is going to be an adjustment more for Chris and I since we love PB so much, but Allison will never know anything different! We'll start buying Almond butter instead and she can have AB & J sandwiches instead! We wont be eating at Chick-Fil-A since all of there food is fried in Peanut Oil, but that's ok! We'll figure it out as we go and hopefully she'll grow out of it!

So that's it for now! I'll let y'all know when we get the results back what new changes we'll have to make!

Monday, October 8, 2012

We have a 1 year old!

OK, so again I must apologize for not writing for a long time! I really can't believe it's been almost 2 months since my last post! Allison has gotten so much bigger and is doing so much more these days! She has officially become a walker and is toddling around the house every day! She will still crawl if she has socks on or if she falls, but for the most part she's leaving the crawling for the babies! My mom and I went out and bought her some new shoes, for when we go out, and she despises HATES them! I take that back, she loves to play with them, but does not like to walk in them! She looks like an awkward clown when walking in them! For one, she has some rather large feet, thanks to Mommy Daddy, and she has no idea what to do once they're on. She's getting a little better at walking in them, but she is not steady at all in them and would much rather walk around barefoot (Just like Mommy)! She doesn't seem to like sock either. I guess they are slippery on our non-carpet floors (even though they have grips on the feet) and again, I think she'd be perfectly happy barefoot! Alas, it's getting too cold for the barefoot days, so she'll just have to deal with the shoes!

We went to the doctor last week and Allison is looking perfect! She's still above average on her height (30") and is a little below average on her weight (20lbs). The doctor said it was normal since she was walking around, they expect her to lose some weight, so no need to worry. We got the OK to start weaning her off of formula and onto either Soy, Almond or Whole Milk! I'm not sure which route we're going to go. She seems to not be lactose intolerant so we could do whole, but Chris drinks Almond and Soy so since we have that we might just do that (plus I think it is healthier). The doctor said to add some fat to her other foods if we do the Soy or Almond (like butter in her grits) just so she can get all her fats in for the day. Allison then had to get 4 shots!!! (Chicken pox, Hep B, Influenza, & Flu)! I felt so bad for her, but she was a trooper! She cried for about 10 mins, but then was done and acting fine after. Daddy was there to help out and she snuggled in with him. Apparently he is the shot-fixer-upper. (He also threatened to hurt the nurse or anyone else that hurts her, and I think she appreciated that!)

There's more to come, but Allison is not wanting to go to sleep right now, so I have to deal with that! Hopefully soon I'll post all about her 1st Birthday Party, but for now, I must go!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

So Much, So Much!

I know it's been a long time since I've written on the blog, and I would like to apologize! Things have been changing a little and it seems like we're trying to adjust. I started a new job working in our church's nursery a couple of days a week, but it seems like I keep getting added to new days and I feel like I'm there almost every day! Allison comes with me on most days and I think she's starting to notice when I'm not there. I have one day that I'm there with her, but the rest I'm with other age groups (ranging from 2-5 year olds). It's kind of nice to be able to be with different age groups, it makes me appreciate her more and not want her to grow up too fast! Anyway, sometimes she starts to cry a bit when I leave (very painful for me) but she gets REALLY excited when I come back (which makes me feel worse I think!). I have to deal with the whiny kids that cry all day while their parents are gone and I'm so happy that Allison isn't like that, but I'm hoping that she'll stay like that. I want her to have friends, and enjoy the workers there, but still miss me! Hopefully soon she'll start having more fun, but Chris is helping out too when he's off (Wed nights/Sun nights) he'll stay with her and have Daddy/Daughter dates!

In other news, Allison is really starting to walk better (with the help of toys/fingers) and I don't think it'll be long at all before she's walking! Supposedly, last night she took 3 steps while she was with Chris (and I at work!), but there's no proof, so I don't know. I'm not surprised, but I was upset that the 2 hours I leave to go to work, she walks! Of course it was with her daddy though, she'll do anything for him! She's also starting to get more consonants down, and I know that once she starts talking, she'll never stop! She's good at "na na, ba ba, va, va, ma ma, and da da.

Yesterday we also went to the doctor to see our new little bundle of joy! I've been counting down the days since I made the appt 2 months ago, and I can't believe it's over! We went to a Perinatal group to have the ultrasound done, more in-depth, and I am amazed at what we saw! We got to see every inch of my baby including the brain, mouth, spinal cord, ribs, finger/toes (all 10 of them!), and of course the little girl parts! Yep, we are going to have another little Princess around here! Hopefully Allison wont mind sharing her throne! We, of course, were both expecting a little boy, but I'm not disappointed at all that it's not! I'm hoping that Allison and Baby Girl will be good friends growing up, having bunk beds and sleepovers, gymnastics and ballet, and of course, karate!

I've been worried that there was going to be something wrong with this pregnancy, but the doctors said that she looks perfect and everything (placenta/scar) look perfect too! I praise God that He has protected her and is keeping her safe and sound! We go back to get another ultrasound in 6 weeks and that'll show a more in-depth look at the scar and placenta with the baby doubling in size. I continue to pray that God'll keep her healthy and growing and if you think of us, feel free to send up a prayer as well!

I'll try not to make it so long until I blog again!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Learning So Much

It was only about 3 weeks ago that Allison learned to crawl, and now she's ALL OVER THE HOUSE! Nothing is off limits, and when it is, she gets HIGHLY upset! She's learned to pull up and will pull up on anything that seems stationary, a couch, dog, leg, anything will do! She's also taking steps to get to things she wants... as long as she's holding on to something! She's starting to get brave and will try to stand up on her own, but the longest she's been able to do that for is only like 3 seconds! She also hasn't figured out how to get down from the standing position without falling and she'll get frustrated if she gets stuck, so I have to come to the rescue! So yeah, she's mastered a lot of things in the past couple of weeks! I can't wait to see what the next weeks have in store for us!

Allison has also been eating more "grown-up" food. She likes chicken as long as it's mixed with something else... I think it's too dry by itself for her to eat. I tried ground turkey yesterday with some peas and she surprised me! She ate all of the peas yet somehow siphoned out the turkey and kept it in her mouth! I tried to give her her bottle and she wouldn't take it, which was a first, and then she opened just wide enough for me to see the turkey! So I got it out and moved on to the bottle (which she took instantly)! I tried the turkey again tonight and pureed it to practically nothing, and mixed it with some sweet potatoes and she ate them all! I guess the texture was something she wasn't used to, so we'll keep trying. She's eating more "raw" fruits, bananas and strawberries, and loves them! She's learning how to chew better and is really good about putting things in her mouth (sometimes not just food)!

Allison has also become a good little sleeper! I'm sure she wears herself out crawling all over the house, but she takes 2 naps a day both about 3 hours long and then sleeps from 9pm-7am! It's been a nice change getting time for myself, but I feel so bored while she's asleep... that is after I do all the house cleaning, dishes and shower. The good/not so good news is that I've returned to baking! I missed making cookies and whatnots, but it's not boding so well for our figures! But it is nice to have time to do what I like! I'm trying to decide what hobby I want to pick up, I'm thinking something useful like sewing, but I need a sewing machine and someone with a lot of patience to show me what to do! And money to buy all those cute fabrics for clothes! So if anyone wants to help out, feel free to let me know! I'm sure my kids will appreciate it in the future!

I tried to upload a video, but my computer is having issues, so once again I put it on my Facebook so feel free to check it out there! You have to check out how curly her hair has gotten! I thought it was just her sleeping on it funny, but not so much! Apparently Daddy is coming through and giving her some of his features!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We Now have a 9 Month Old!

I can't believe it! It seems like just yesterday we were in the hospital and I was enjoying all the rest from being on drugs.... I definitely should've appreciated that more! Things have now gotten a lot busier thanks to Allison and her crawling ability! She's all over the house and loves to go straight to the dog's water bowl to play in, and then tip over! It surprises me how strong she is because she's turned the bowl over twice when it was completely full! She also loves to chase after the dogs/cat which they do not appreciate! Ashlyn just lays there while Allison crawls all over her or will get up and move if Allison goes for her paws, but she's a very gentle dog and could care less about Allison. Canela on the other hand is not as calm! Whenever Allison gets too close, Canela will start to show her teeth and on a couple of occasions has even tried to snap at Allison... to which Chris and I beat her and tell her that the baby is ok, but Canela just doesn't want anything to do with Allison! Canela's starting to learn that whenever Allison comes near that she's the one that has to move to a different location, Allison has the run on the house now! Which, believe me, Allison loves!

We went to the doctor yesterday and Allison is looking great! She weighs 19lbs (50%) and is 28"(65%) long! The doctor gave us the ok to start dairy and proteins, so I boiled a chicken yesterday and Allison seemed to really like it! It was pretty dry, so I added lots of broth and sweet potatoes and it went down well. We'll try that for a couple of days and then start on some yogurt and then eventually cheese! Apparently yogurt is a good "starter dairy" because even if she's lactose intolerant, she can still eat yogurt, that way when we go to cheese if she has any problems we'll know what's wrong! I can't believe we are here already, with the "big-people" foods! Soon she'll be eating french fries and cookies and addicted to those, just like Mommy and Daddy!

We also talked to the doctor about the new baby and she was very excited and didn't say anything about their age differences. She said that all babies (no matter how old) regress in whatever stage they're in so if we start weaning Allison off the bottle, she might want to go back on it when new baby comes. No biggie, things are going to be a lot different for all of us, but hopefully Allison will adjust well!

The only new thing going on is that Allison's teeth are growing like crazy! She appears to have a gap between her front 2 teeth, which hopefully will go away, but doubtful without help from an orthodontist! Supposedly it's genetic, but neither Chris nor I had gaps in our teeth, so who knows where she got that from! Allison's also learned to eat Cheerio's by herself... she likes Mommy to feed her, but will do it herself if needbe. She just started the other day, but when she gets better/more consistent, I'll take video to show y'all. Anyway, things are going great for now and I'll report more when I get more info!

Friday, June 22, 2012

We Finally Have a Crawler!

Yes, she did it! She finally crawled across the room! She headed straight to the cords behind the tv and then to the stack of dvds... needless to say, I think we have some childproofing we need to take care of soon! I feel like I'm playing with a dog because I'll sit on the other side of the room and call her and she comes right to me... depending on what toy/object I have in my hands.

We also went to the Dr. the other day and Allison was such a trooper! Chris had to work so wasn't able to come (his first missed appt) so Allison had to stay in her car seat the whole time... with few toys and my phone to entertain her. We were there for a little too long, but Allison was great! The nurse came in to check the baby's heart rate and after 5 mins couldn't find it, so she went and got the ultrasound machine. The Dr. came in around 10 mins later and tried to find the baby outwardly and couldn't, so he had to do it internally. He then left and came back another 10 mins later and found the baby instantly. He said the baby would be too hard to see but he showed me and I saw my baby moving all around (apparently he was upset that they kept poking him trying to find him) and then we heard the heartbeat and everything was fine. I was a little "backed-up" so that was what was giving them so many problems.

By the time we got done with that Allison was about done. The Dr. stayed and talked to me about what to expect in the coming months and asked if I had any questions, to which I just had one. He said that my next appt was in a month with a midwife (nothing abnormal) and then at the 20 week I would see the high-risk Dr. to get the anatomy ultrasound (I guess they do a more thorough job or have better equipment). I asked about the delivery and if I would be able to go full-term and he said yes, but they'll probably get the baby around 39 weeks.... So we're going to have a Christmas baby!!!

We then had to sit with a nurse for about 15 mins while she scheduled my upcoming appts. and that's when Allison decided she was done. I had to get her out and hold her for a minute, but then we left and she went right back in the car seat. She slept on the way home and was extremely happy to be home and able to move/crawl around.

So that's about it for now. Here's the video of Allison crawling! We've already started moving furniture around in order to protect the valuables, cords, and whatnots she can get to!

Allison crawling around! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Daughter is a Genius!

I know I'm a little biased, but I can't help it! I just know that she's a genius... or at least pretty smart! She  has a toy gumball machine, and she has figured out how to push the button to get a ball out (with a little help) and then puts the ball right back in the hole and gets another ball out! The toy is made for +6 months, but I don't think she's supposed to be putting them back now... although, I have no one to compare her to, so to me, she's a genius! 

Since I see how smart she is and how much she's learning every day, I'm really starting to do sign language with her now! I'm sure she'll start picking it up soon... I just have to remember to do it! I'm good at remembering "all done" and "hungry/eat" but I need to be better at "more, please, and thank you." Since she's so good at clapping, I'm sure she'll pick up "more" soon...hopefully! 

Allison's starting to crawl now... like move more than 3 little steps, and is getting more and more frustrated with things that she can't get to. She's learning how to pull up and with a little bit of help, can stand up by herself. She's still learning her feet/knees, but she is definitely figuring them out! She is also taking a couple of steps while leaning against the coffee table! I know I'm going to regret saying this, but I can't wait for her to start walking! It'll be fun to see her more mobile! 

Allison is also starting to get (dare I say) spoiled! If you have something she wants or you take away something she has, you will regret it! She cries screams until she gets it or until she gets something else! She also LOVES to sit up and HATES being on her back, which is fine except for diaper changing time! She fights with me (Chris gave up) every diaper change! I have to bring something to distract her while I quickly change her diaper... fortunately I'm getting really fast at changing them! 

Unfortunately, I'm having issues uploading any videos to the blog right now, but follow the link and you can go to my Facebook page and see just how smart my baby is! Also, we go to the Dr. tomorrow to see Allison's little brother (or sister)! I'll post more about that next week! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012


This year I really wanted to be a part of VBS (Vacation Bible School) at my church, mostly to get out of the house, but also because I love working with kids and so I thought this would be perfect. They were only doing it for 3 days from 9-12, so I thought it would be a good time to put Allison in the nursery since I would be right down the hall from her just in case she needed me (she had never been in the nursery before). So we looked forward to it all last week and Sunday I kept telling her that she was going to meet new friends and play with new toys, not that she knew what was going on, but I was hoping she wouldn't be too upset when I left her then next morning.

So Monday morning she wakes up at 6:30 and I get her her breakfast and start getting us ready for VBS! Now, Allison normally will go back to sleep around 7:30-8, so I was trying to keep her awake, which was NOT an easy task, and then put her in the car. I was also trying to keep her awake in the car so that she would sleep for the workers. Well, it worked! We got to church, signed in and went to her class. We were a little early, so I got to stay with her for a little while while she tried out some new toys. By this time she had forgotten how sleepy she was, and was enjoying playing. Some of the workers came in and I told them all about her and what schedule she normally keeps and then I was off. I tried not to look back, but it was hard! Good thing was that there were no tears coming from the room, so I knew she was still happy. I went to my classroom and met with the other teachers and kids and we started our day. Our class travelled to different "stations," and we passed by Allison's room each time, so it was great to peep in and catch a glimpse of her sleeping or rocking with a worker (I could relax and know that she was fine).

Once the parents came and picked up their kids I was off to go and see how Allison's day was. I arrived and she didn't notice me at first. She was still playing with the new toys. I talked to Mrs. Elaine (her new favorite person) and she told me how perfect Allison was! She didn't stick to her schedule because she was too excited, but enjoyed everything... swinging, strolling in the buggy, playing in the bouncers, and found a new toy Leo the Lion (whom she apparently beat to death)... she likes to make noises now! They said she was the only one they didn't have any problems with and was very easy-going! Well, I was VERY excited to hear this and was excited for day 2 of VBS!

Day 2 we were also very excited and was much more at ease to leave Allison with Mrs. Elaine. Allison had a little fussy time, but nothing her pacifier couldn't fix. She did just as good day 2, and stuck to her schedule this time. They also told me that Allison was standing on the outside of an exer-saucer and walked around the entire thing! She said that Allison kept tripping over her feet, but was determined and made it all the way around! I tried this at home and stood her up next to the coffee table and Allison did the Tin-Man lean, but never moved her feet! I guess there wasn't anything too exciting for her there.

Day 3 we were a little sad because it was the last day, we got there a little early and got to play and I talked to Mrs. Elaine while waiting for another worker to get there (there has to be 2 teacher per 1 kid). It was great because she told me how smart Allison is and how she figured out how to work all of the toys, she agreed with me that Allison is going to be a walker before learning how to crawl, and told me all about the safety precautions that the church has to protect the kids. It really put me at ease, and now I'm looking forward to Sunday so she can go back to the nursery and I can enjoy church without distractions!

So we had a great week! I loved being with my kids (3-6 year olds), and met some great women. It made me realize a little more that I think kids are where my passion is and I might start looking into working in the church (definitely on Sunday's, but maybe for Mother's Day Out too). I also feel like it made me a little better of a mom because I was so excited to see Allison and snuggled and played with her more when we got home.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Guess what, We have an 8 month old!

I thought that I would finally update my blog with things about Allison as well as her future baby brother/sister (see previous post). Allison is 8 months old and she is getting so big! She's had 6 teeth that have been trying to come in for the past 2 months but will not break through the gum! I feel so bad, most days she seems ok, but lately she has been chewing on anything she can get her hands on! Which, hopefully, means that they will be making their appearance soon! I know that as soon as they come in she wont look like my little baby anymore! She's going to be my big baby/little girl!

Allison is eating very well! She doesn't seem to be gaining a lot of weight (no round tummy or anything) but she is obviously getting bigger! I measured her yesterday and she's about 28" long.... I guess she's going to be tall like her mommy! I'm guessing that she weighs about 19-21 pounds, but our scale is inaccurate so who knows! We go back to the Dr. on July 2, so we'll get official measurements then! She has grown out of her 6 months pjs and is starting to get a little tall for her 9 months! I'm off to the consignment shops this week to see if I can find her anything good and cheap! The good news is that all of her dresses fit perfectly so she only needs sleeping clothes! I feel bad putting her in a onesie to sleep in because our house varies between hot and cool!

Anywho... We took Allison to the pool last week and she LOVES it! We've been back 3 times since and she still can't get enough! We are going to buy a baby pool to keep in the back yard/garage for when it's rainy and  for a change of scenery! I'm not sure how thrilled I am with her being in chlorine a lot! I promise, I will take video when we get it! Sorry I've been bad about posting lately, but I've been quite sick for the past several weeks!

Allison still hasn't quite figured out the crawling thing, she gets up on all fours like she's about to, but can only seem to push herself backwards... she did go sideways the other day to get to a toy, I guess that's a little better! She still is rolling all over the place and moves mostly toward the cat... she loves Ling for some reason! She will stand for a long time (10 mins) if I put her there, can't do it by herself yet, and the other day she took 3 steps toward the coffee table! I'm hoping that we'll skip the crawling stage and go straight for walking! I feel like that might be easier on me, but we'll see! Allison seems to be very content with sitting and playing with one toy for long periods of time (like 30+ mins)! I know that will come in handy later in life, so I'm not too concerned with her being behind the rest of her friends!

Until next time....

Allison has learned to clap, but only does it when she sings! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

For My Blog Followers Only

So I'm writing this I think mostly for myself, but I'd thought I'd share with y'all since it was a big part of my life.

About 3 months ago I wasn't feeling so well and I had this nagging thought that I didn't think could be real. My mom took me to the store and we bought... a pregnancy test! I immediately came home and went to the bathroom and had to tell my mom that I was pregnant! I started to get a little freaked out since Allison was only 5 months and it was a little soon, but then I was also super excited because they would be really good friends when they got older (or so I hoped). My mom and I went shopping to find Allison a "Big Sister" t-shirt (which was impossible to find in her size!) and we came home and put it on her to show Chris. He was like, "Oh, that's a nice shirt." And didn't seem to get super excited/scared like I was! We finally kept talking it out and turns out he was extremely happy, but really scared from the financial aspect of it!

Well of course that night I couldn't sleep at all. I kept thinking about what people would think or how I'm going to arrange the nursery or having to buy a new car (because it's a tight squeeze with just the one car seat)! So I woke up early that morning and just stared at Allison through the video monitor thinking about how much her life was going to change. So that night Chris and I were planning on going on a date night since my mom was there to babysit so we went to dinner and got to really talk about everything. It put me at ease by saying that everything was going to be fine and would work out and that we were both really excited because we do want a big family and who cares what anyone says!

2 nights later (Monday night) I was getting ready for bed and went to the bathroom and noticed a little speck of blood on the paper. I, of course, started to be concerned and read every article I could about blood and pregnancy and how only 60% of the time ends up in miscarriage. So of course, I couldn't sleep that night either and woke up really early to go to the bathroom to see if anything had changed. Well it had. It was like I had just started my period so I was freaking out. I knew I didn't need to go to the emergency room because I wasn't that far along and there was nothing they could do. So I called the after-hours nurse and she told me that I would have to come in later that day for some blood tests. So I got myself and Allison ready and we went to get blood drawn. It was the worst 24 hours because I knew what the results were going to say, but I still needed to hear it from the nurse so that I could stop thinking outrageous thoughts about still being pregnant. The next day (Wednesday) I had to get out of the house to distract myself so Allison and I went shopping. We were about to go home and I finally got the call. The nurse said that the results said that I had indeed had a miscarriage and that I needed to come back in a couple of days to get more blood drawn until no more HgC hormones were detectible. So I went back to get more blood drawn on Thursday and got the call on Friday that there were no more HgC hormones detected.

That week and the one following were two of the hardest I've ever dealt with. I kept telling myself that there was no reason for me to be upset since I was only pregnant for 3 days, but in the first 24 hours everything changed! I turned to food, like I normally do, and Allison! She was my little rock! We spent many hours cuddling and napping together. I ended up gaining 7 pounds (which isn't as bad as I thought) but learning that I really wanted a baby! I wanted Allison to be a big sister and have a best friend growing up! I woke up one morning and everything was back to normal. I told myself to get my life back to normal and it was. I loved my husband and baby more than I ever had and enjoyed spending every minute with them!

Well one month later I had that same nagging feeling. I was getting sick (nauseous) every day and feeling more exhausted each day. We went to the grocery store and I picked up another test and came home and it was positive! It was the weirdest feeling, I wasn't super excited but like, "Well yeah of course I'm pregnant." Chris seemed to feel the same way. I called the doctor the next morning and I had to come back in for labs to see how far along I was. So, I did that and the next day got the results that everything was looking good but that they wanted me to come back to make sure the levels were going up. So I went back later that week and got more blood drawn and the next day found out that everything was looking great! I went back the next week for more tests and then finally, 2 weeks later, got to have an ultrasound and see my baby! I was dated at only 6 weeks pregnant, but we did get to see our "smaller than a grain of rice baby" or "embryo" as they called it!

I am now 9 weeks pregnant and our official due date is Jan 1, 2013 (yep, 2 days before my birthday... boo)! We go back to the doctor on June 20 which will put us at our 12 week mark and that's probably when I'll go "public" with it... meaning Facebook! It has been really hard not to post anything, especially since I've been extremely sick this time, but soon enough I'll be able to talk all about it! So, please try to keep it private, feel free to text, message, or call... but no posting!

Thanks y'all!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

7 Months Old Already!

Y'all I can't believe it! My baby girl is 7 months old! It seems like just yesterday we were at the hospital and I was freaking out because they wanted to let me go home but I didn't think I was ready for it! Apparently I was wrong. Everything went great and she's still healthy and happy!

I would love to tell you that now that she's bigger she is doing so much more, but that would be a lie! She has definitely mastered the rolling over thing and that's really how she gets around... just rolls there! I see nothing wrong with that! She is getting more upper body strength and she's able to push herself up all the way and stay there for a long time. She has the look like she's going to go after something, but never does... I think she's planning it all out and trying to decide if it's worth it! She is starting to crawl backwards... well, push herself back. I think she could be crawling if something really called to her, but like I said, I think she's a little lazy. There are only a few things that will keep her attention for a long time and those consist of the cat and dogs. She LOVES the cat.... I thought she was going to crawl to him last night, but he moved so she gave up. I think he's a little scared about her enthusiasm with him! She also LOVES to grab, so he and the dogs are staying away from her right now!

Saturday we took Allison to the park and my brother-in-law came and took pictures of her! We re-created Easter pictures and then took some "casual" pictures! We kept trying to put Allison on the grass (with a blanket) but she was not happy at all! I don't know what it was, but it was like she was scared of the grass! I can't wait to see the pictures because I know that we got some good ones!

So not only was yesterday her 7-Month Birthday, but it was also Chris and my anniversary! We didn't do a whole lot, went out to dinner than came back home relaxed and watched tv. We are going to Birmingham to see my mom for her birthday and she is going to babysit so Chris and I can go see a movie and go out to dinner just the 2 of us! It's great that she is such a great child and behaves every where we go, but it'll also be nice to have some alone time with my husband!

So I guess that's it for now... sorry there isn't more going on. Hopefully next time I'll be able to report so much more! And have a video of her... she's so cute when she's playing and rotating all around, but I keep forgetting to turn on the camera and when I do, she stops and stares at it!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nothing Good Here

So, not too much has been going on, which is mostly why I haven't posted in a while. Allison is still talking up a storm, she likes to say "DaDa" when she's about to fall asleep or gets fussy, but Daddy hasn't gotten the hint that she wants him... or he just doesn't want to deal with Fussy Allison! She's also learning some new consonants... Gi, Eh (her favorite, and not so new), Hi, and sometimes Hey... but no Momma... she smiles every time I try to teach it to her, but hasn't gotten the concept that I want her to say it! (I kinda think she thinks I'm Da Da since I always get so happy when she says it!)

She also has some new teeth that should be making their appearance here shortly... You can see the white in the gums, but haven't broken through yet... and she drools like crazy! Some days I don't bother getting her dressed because she just slobbers through it...even slobbers through her bibs! She's also learning to put stuff in her mouth. She mostly likes to put any part of me or Daddy in her mouth... nose, fingers, arm, doesn't matter, she'll make it fit! And BTW, her bottom teeth are getting rather large and very sharp! She got some new teethers for Easter and she likes them, but only if we hold them for her... she hasn't quite figured out how to put stuff in her mouth... she can if she wants to, but not everything goes in there... which I'm thankful for! Don't have to worry about dog toys or other things in there yet!

She still hasn't figured out the Banana Puff thing yet (since she doesn't want that in her mouth). And the sippy cup is definitely a toy! We gave it to her a couple weeks ago, but she just doesn't care too much about it. She also has been eating very well, and I think she's gained like a pound... at least it feels that way! She eats everything these days and my freezer is overflowing with baby food! I've discovered the local Farmer's Market and you can really get some good deals on produce there! Allison got a bunch of good stuff and it's almost time to go back to restock... almost, as in a month from now! I have decided that until I've perfected green beans/peas, I'm going to buy the jarred kind... she needs greens, but doesn't like mine (I'm not surprised since I've never made them before)! I'm also buying jarred blueberries since they are a WHOLE lot cheaper than fresh! And I'm really trying to stay away from orange foods because Allison is definitely turning into an Oompa Loompa... but it seems like that most baby food it some shade of orange! And she LOVES all orange foods (yes, she finally likes carrots)!

So, unfortunately I have no videos this time, and the picture upload still isn't working, so you will just have to use your imagination for how Allison looks... just make sure you add a shade of orange to it!

Until next time,

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So Much Going On

So I know it's been a while, and I have A LOT to catch you up on... First off, Allison went to the Dr. last week for her 6 month check-up and she's doing great and growing like crazy! She's now 26.5" long and weighs in at 16.10lb! I was expecting her to weigh mid-15, so I was shocked that she had gained so much weight! The Dr. didn't seem concerned at all and said that she was in the 50th percentile for her weight and "above average" for her height! She was also impressed that Allison was sitting up so well and laughed that she didn't want to lay down but instead propped herself up on her elbows! She gave us the ok to start Cheerios (we've been doing Banana Puffs), and we've been enjoying that! Well, Chris and I have, Allison hasn't gotten the hang of it yet, but she's learning. She'll now let us put the puff in her mouth and attempt to chew, where she would turn from us and not have anything to do with it.... except to bang them and smoosh them with her hands!

Also, Easter was Sun and Allison and I went to Birmingham for the weekend. Chris couldn't make it due to work, but Allison and I still had a good time. My brother's birthday is also this week, so we went to celebrate with him too! Allison seemed to have a good time, she enjoyed spending time with her Uncle and Grandma and Great-Aunt Linda (however, she was a little skeptical at first, but eventually warmed up to her). Allison did great on the road, she slept almost the entire way and didn't cry at all! She was even behind on her lunch schedule, but didn't seem to notice!

So the last, and most fun news of all is that Allison is starting to talk!!! She has been babbling for the past couple of days, but yesterday just started saying "Da da da da da!" Chris is, of course, super excited, and I can't believe she's growing up so quickly! I know I keep saying that I need to start planning her 1 year b'day party, but I really can't believe it's coming so quickly! It also makes me wonder what she's going to sound like when she starts talking more... is she going to have the same high pitched voice that she has now? I also wonder what her next words will be... hopefully Ma ma! Fingers crossed!

Here's a LOUD video of Allison saying her first word! 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Almost 6 Months

So I know I say this in almost every blog, but sorry it's been so long! I've had a crazy couple of weeks and haven't really had the time and when I was free I was spending time with family or cleaning! I decided that I needed to be more productive, so I made myself a chore list! I've always wanted to do it so I finally did it!

Here's how mine goes:
Tuesday-Upstairs Bedrooms (Vacuum/Dust)
Wednesday- Downstairs (Vacuum/Dust/Clean Allison's toys)
Thursday- Bathrooms
Friday- Stairs/Hallway (Vacuum)

So each day takes about 20-30 mins to do, more if I'm REALLY cleaning, but mostly I just vacuum and do the basics and I have the weekends free to not clean! So I started last week and by Thurs I was catching up from Mon, Tues, and Wed. And this week I haven't really done anything but vacuum the upstairs! Yeah, so for 2 weeks I've been really productive! I know it will work once I get all the kinks out of it... like moving the vacuum upstairs/downstairs daily or until we buy a new vacuum!

So in Allison news, she's growing like crazy! We go to the Dr. in a couple of days for her 6 month visit and I can't wait to see how big she's gotten! She feels extremely heavy, but we'll see what the scale says! She finally mastered the art of rolling over (when she's not too lazy to do so) but I'm trying not to help so much, so hopefully she'll be more independent soon!

I've also been making ALL of her baby food, like she hasn't had any jar food in 2 weeks! I feel so much pressure trying to decide what she eats every time that it's a little overwhelming! I know it's stupid, but I think about things like, "she had that for lunch, so she shouldn't have it for snack... or maybe I should mix it with something else" or "she had that yesterday, so maybe she'll want something different today." I know, she doesn't care about what she's eating, just as long as she eats... it's me with the problem!

Well I'll let you know next week how big she's gotten and what all fun things she'll be able to do once she turns 6 months! For now, enjoy a video of her playing with Elmo... I'm not sure which is more fun, watching her or Elmo! They're both super cute! I'm hoping Elmo will rub off on her, teaching her how to sit up on her own, but she is flapping her hand like Elmo!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring is in the Air

We've finally had some lovely weather and I'm so excited because that means that I can FINALLY put Allison in all her cute dresses I've bought her! It's been great! Saturday Chris and I took Allison to the park for a walk and then went to a town event and walked around and shopped! Allison looked SO adorable in her outfit it was crazy! Then we went to church on Sun and she had on another outfit from her Great-Aunt Sondra! Again, she looked so cute she took the attention away from the pastor and onto her! (We'll be trying out the nursery soon... at least I hope to... if daddy has anything to say about it we wont until she's able to talk!)

Anyway, so other news I thought I'd give the stats on Allison since I missed that last post. She's 5.5 months old and she's wearing some 6-9 clothes, and some 9 months. She's apparently tall for her age, so her onezies are too short, but of course dresses are fine. She's eating like a grown-up and seems to love all her new foods. She eats about half a jar of food before her bottle and then drinks 5 ounces of formula! She's getting a little Buddah Belly, but we love it! I've been making some food for her and I have to say that mine tastes better, and I think she would agree, although she'll eat anything you put in front of her (except carrots... still can't get those to go down smoothly)!

Last post we were very excited that Allison had gotten her first new tooth! Well, I'm happy to report that Allison now has 2 new teeth! They are her bottom 2 middle teeth! They are getting a little bigger, but still look like white specks in her mouth! She's also not complaining too much about the pain, I guess now that they've broken through it's not so painful? I don't remember, but I do know that she's not crying and biting her fingers anymore!

She's also doing amazingly well with sitting up! She will sit up and play for 10-15 mins without falling over! Just put some toys within arms reach and she's happy! The video shows her talent and Ab muscles! She's also very energetic while eating too! She's discovered that she likes to bounce while eating... I'm hoping to invest in a high chair soon! I've got it all picked out, just waiting for a coupon to come so I can buy it! (I'm cheap like that, but it'll save about $30!)

Until next week...

Allison sitting up and playing

Monday, March 12, 2012

5 Months & Growing Like Crazy

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. I would like to say we've been so busy that I haven't had time to, but that's not the case. I guess I've just forgotten about it and when I want to do it Allison is awake and it's hard to type with her... she's at the grabbing stage and getting really good at it! We went to the Farmer's Market and she decided that we needed some rice, chips, and cookies... not that we kept all those in the cart, but she loves the crinkling noise! 

So Allison is officially 5 months old, and she seems to be loving it! She is doing so well and learning new things every day! She is getting really good at eating, and she LOVES sweet potatoes and peas! The only food that she doesn't seem to like are carrots... not sure why, but I've tried jarred and homemade and she only eats half as much as the sweet potatoes or other things. I guess it's the texture because they seem good to me! 

She is also becoming a pro at sitting up! She sat up for about 3.5 mins the other day without falling over, she just reaches a little too far and tumbles over... See video 1! She really likes sitting up and she can lean over to touch her toes and then sit back up... Baby Girl has got some abs on her! It's time to start buying her some new toys too... she has 2 that she really likes, but I would like some more that are interactive.... like helps her learn or improves her hand-eye coordination (which by the way is getting really good)!

Oh yes, I've saved the best for last! Guess who has her first tooth!!! Yep, it started coming through Sat (my mom pointed it out to me) and Sun I saw a little white speck in her mouth. It's on the lower left gum and she doesn't seem to like it so much! She has been busy chewing on her fingers/tongue whatever she can get in the mouth but it started to really bother her yesterday so I bought some Baby Oragel and that seemed to do the trick! Helped out a lot! I also bought her a finger toothbrush and she likes that... she can chew on my finger, but the bristles seem to feel good on her gums! Also getting in some good oral habits early! 

Allison is getting really good at sitting up.. BTW, she was fine.. just needed some cuddle time afterwards! 

Still sitting up and playing! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Another Dr. Visit and More...

So for the last couple of weeks Allison has had very dry/cracked skin on her face and I used Aquaphor and diaper cream and both cleared it up for a day or so and then it came back... and after the Aquaphor, with a vengeance! It started as a little spot on her right cheek and then moved to her left cheek and a little on her forehead! Well, Friday morning I woke up and looked at her and she had dried blood all over her pajamas and sheet from where she had been rubbing/scratching. So I decided enough was enough, time to go to the Dr! Well, the Dr said that it was just some eczema and gave us a prescription for a low-dose steroid ointment (which was available over the counter!). She said to use that 2 times a day and keep using the diaper cream/Aquaphor to keep it moist all day! I also realized that it started right around the same time Allison started rice cereal, but the Dr said it was probably just a coincidence, but said that she didn't need to be on that since she's getting most of her vitamins through her formula, so stop the cereals and go ahead and start her on fruits/veggies!

Allison has seemed to enjoy her upgrade! We started with bananas because that's my favorite and did that for 3 days, making sure she didn't have a reaction to it, which she didn't! She seemed to enjoy it, no horrible faces or shakes or spitting it out, and actually looked forward to her next bite! Today we finished up the bananas so I decided it was time for some veggies.... Sweet Carrots in fact! Allison did NOT like those... she made the face, did the shakes, and instantly pushed it out of her mouth! I think the bib got more of the carrots than she did! Well, tomorrow is another day and I'm sure that she'll eventually learn to love them!

So this weekend we went to Birmingham for a girls weekend. It was great, Allison slept the whole way there and then I got my hair cut! Allison did NOT like that... I think she was a little freaked seeing me without my long locks! That and she really hated the hair dryer! I usually dry my hair in the other room so it's not too loud, but my hairdresser and the one next to us were both using it and she cried/screamed! It took a long time for me to console her, but once she settled down we were back to styling my hair! We spent time with my brother, aunt, and of course, mom. And Sunday I woke up extremely sick! Not sure if it was something I ate or a bug, but I was NOT felling well at all! I stayed on the couch all day while Allison and Grandma played... Grandma was looking forward to her Allison time, but I don't think that's as much as she wanted! She was happy to take care of her and me too! Needless to say, our trip was extended by a day, which didn't make Daddy too happy, but he understood!

So this post has taken me a long time to write/post, so Allison is now 5 months old and as cute as ever! I'll make it short, but she weighs 15 pounds, wears size 6-9 months, and LOVES her green beans and bananas (not together of course!). She is also getting very good at her hand/eye coordination and loves to grab mouths! (Beware if you hold her)! She's also excellent at sitting up, can do it by herself for short periods, but then tries to reach too far and tumbles over.

So that's it for now, Allison's face has almost completely cleared up... only a couple of red patches here and there, but not half as bad as they were!

I'm having problems with my internet or something again, so no pictures, but I do have a cute video! This is the song I sing when I put her to bed... as you can tell, it doesn't make her sleepy at all!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pictures FINALLY!

I finally got the pictures to upload! Hope you enjoy! Hopefully next week things will be back to normal in the blog! 

Chillin' in the Excer-Saucer

Sleeping in the carseat (after her 4 month shots)

About to eat some rice cereal

Yummy (not so much) 

This is how she loves to lay (even when sleeping)! 

Napping with Patch

So cute together

Hmm... what to dream about? 

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Allison's loot (new bibs, toys, socks, and a book)

Allison's gift to Daddy

Such a big footprint! 

Cute Valentine's Day Outfit! 

Happy girl! 

So cute!

Chubby arms!

I bought this outfit when I found out I was preggers! 

 1 year later! (almost to the day!)

All ready for church! 

So sleepy! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

So last week we had a couple of new events at our house. First, Allison got her first cold, which then spread to me and eventually Chris... we were all miserable, fortunately it was at separate times! Allison and I had our colds during the week and Chris got his on the weekend. At least A and I were able to be snuggly together and then we let daddy be. As you can tell by my last post, it wasn't easy trying to clean Allison's nose, and as the week progressed it didn't get any easier! She got more upset every time we cleaned it and it was apparent that it was becoming raw. I kept hearing about Aquaphor for her cracked/chapped skin, so I finally went out and bought some. It's like a miracle! It cleared her skin up almost immediately and after 3 days, it was almost completely gone! So now I know, Aquaphor will be a staple in our household!

We also celebrated our first Valentine's Day together! Well, last year she was around, just not where we could celebrate with her! Chris had to work late, but insisted on cooking dinner, so we had a lovely evening at the house together. He arrived home at 8 and we didn't end up eating until around 9, but Chris made a fantastic salmon pasta with a nice glass of wine! We also traded Valentine's presents and we all got something that we loved. Allison got her links that she's been wanting for a long time. Chris got a super cute tiger that sings a song that makes us laugh every time we play it! And Chris got me flowers and a beautiful heart necklace! All in all a very nice night!

Nothing else really happened last week. It was our first weekend together in awhile, so I decided to go walking/shopping. I thought it would be best to get my workout on before I get too bundled down with shopping bags, and it was a good thing! We power walked through the outlet mall for 30 minutes before finally stopping to shop. It was nice because I got to quickly window shop and find all the places I wanted to go and then shop. Osh Kosh was having a 50% off sale with an additional 40% off sale, so Allison got a couple of shirts for summer and a very cute hat for next year! Then Carter's was also having a 50% off sale, so we had to stop in (also because I had a coupon). Well, it was a good thing I did the power walking before... Allison has A LOT of new clothes for summer, and some wonderful bath soaps/lotions that work well on her skin!

So something is wrong with my computer/the blog, and I cannot upload any pictures! I've been taking lots of them, so one day there will be a post devoted only to the pictures! I don't know what's wrong, I've tried for several days to upload them and I've tried clearing my computer and trying a different computer... nothing seems to be working! I promise, I'll keep trying though and I'll post them as soon as I can!

See y'all soon!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A sick baby

So not too much has been going on this week. Allison started rice cereal, and she's not particularly impressed by it! You can check out the video to get the WHOLE experience... sorry it's so long... I told Chris to take the video and he just never stopped! I've been giving it to her about once a day (usually right before we eat dinner since she ALWAYS wakes up then). She's getting more and more used to it, and I think she might actually be enjoying it! I can't wait to start cooking for her and seeing how she reacts to all the different foods in the world! 

This was my last weekend to work! Chris and I looked at how much I was getting paid, less the gas it takes to get there, and how much I hated being away from my family and we decided that it wasn't worth it! I hardly ever saw Chris, maybe for like 3 hours a night and we were both so exhausted we would just watch tv, and I hated not being able to make plans with our family (like going to the park, or hang out with my sisters-in-law). So, of course, we had to make a run to the outlet mall to see if there was any last minute items that I need (or really want!). I got some stuff for Allison and a couple of must-haves from William-Sonoma for myself! 

Yesterday Allison came down with a little cold! She woke up crying around 1am and was having trouble breathing through her nose. I calmed her down and gave her a bottle and it seemed to clear up. She fell back asleep and I thought all was well! Not so much... She woke up screaming again around 4 and was really having problems breathing, so I turned on all the lights and cleaned out her nose (which wasn't fun) and then gave her another bottle and she was perfect. She was still congested when she woke up, but it wasn't that bad. She was very snuggly this morning, like she just didn't feel good and needed her mommy! I had to clean her nose out about 10 more times yesterday, and none were as easy as when she was swaddled! Apparently she is abnormally strong for a 4 month old! I was trying to snuggle her to hold her down with one hand while trying to clean out her nose with my free hand! She finally got to the point that when I pulled out the aspirator she would start fidgeting and get fussy! 

Well, to keep this short, I'm going to save all the Valentine's plans and continue the saga of her first cold! Until next week... 

Allison getting her first taste of Rice Cereal! 

Allison making some new noises that she's picked up from somewhere.... I'm guessing Chris

Having problems uploading pictures, so next week there will be lots! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Dr. Appt

We just got back from the Dr. office for Allison's 4 month visit, and she has gained about a half a pound since last time! She now weighs 13.12 pounds and is 25" long. She is average on her weight, and in the 75th percentile for her height! Not surprising since Chris and I are both tall! She had a very good check up and the nurse and doctor were impressed with her ability to hold her head up and move around! This means that she's been clear to start on rice cereal! She's also able to go back on her Similac for sensitive tummy's (which is A LOT cheaper than what she's on now)! I'm hoping this means that she will start sleeping better at night! 

Not much has been going on other than the appt. She still can't roll over and HATES tummy time! She will last for about 5-10 mins and then she's done with it! I can place her on her tummy with her arm under her and she can roll over, but she still hasn't gotten how to move her arm in that position to roll over by herself. She is starting to move more on her back, and looks like she might roll over from her back to tummy first! 

She also is getting more and more interested in playing by herself! She loves to swing and will stay there for a hour or so before getting cranky! She also LOVES her excer-saucer! She is learning all the different things it can do and will stay there for about 30 minutes! This is great to give me more time to do the dishes, laundry, and blog! 

So I guess that's it! 

Sleeping while Mommy does her work out

Waiting patiently for the Super Bowl to start

Go Colts! (Well, we were rooting for the Giants... We love all the Mannings!)

So cute! 

Happy girl... soon there will be teeth there!

Low ridin' 

Super happy for Mommy-Daughter day at the park! 

Playing in the excer-saucer

She was scared by me making "motor" noises!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

4 Months Already

I can't believe that Allison is 4 months old today! It was exactly 1 year ago that Chris and I found out that we were pregnant! This past year has gone by so quickly but it seems like I can still remember every minute of every day. She's also getting so big that I can't believe how much she's grown. I can't wait to go to the doctor and see how much she weighs and how long she is!

In baby news, Allison hasn't been sleeping through the night! She stopped that about a week ago and I'm getting fed up with it! We give her a bottle at 11 and she's up at 2 or 3 to get fed, and then up again by 6:30 to eat, yet again! I've decided that I'm going to start her on rice cereal today, since she's now old enough, and hope that that is the answer to all my problems!

In other news, she is learning to mimic. She started doing this growl (that I find a little annoying) but if we start doing it, she immediately jumps in and starts growling too! I was also singing a song to her (Rise & Shine and Give God the Glory) and was doing the hand motions to it and she started moving her hands like me and opening and closing them! I guess now we should really start the sign language and hopefully she will learn it quickly!

We've also been going to the park, like every day! I get to get my workout on and she gets to look at the pretty trees! But I do think that she enjoys it and she is very well behaved so I can walk longer!

Well, I can't wait to get back to you next week to tell you how everything is going, how big she is, and hopefully, how much sleep she's getting! Until then!

Isn't she just the cutest sleeper! 

Happy Girl! 

Mile 1- Happy to be at the park

Mile 2- Getting a little bored

Mile 3- Sound asleep

Mile 4- Are we still here? 

Happy to be home! 

4 month bath time! She's getting so big! 

Go Colts! (This is just my favorite Christmas present and it's a little big, but now we can see how fast she's growing every month!)

We <3 Peyton Manning! 

This is that annoying sound that she makes... I'm trying to teach her a new noise, but until then, I'm stuck with this one! It's not too bad for a little while, but all day it can get very old!