Saturday, June 25, 2011

26 Weeks

Well, we went to the doctor yesterday and turns out we are still having a girl! I have to say, I was a little unsure there for a little while, but it is now for sure! I have started shopping and buying little baby clothes and kinda fraking out that I will be dressing a little baby here shortly! What I'm trying to say is, it's real.... we really hare having a baby and my life will officially change forever! No more sleeping in, no more long showers, no more random date nights with my husband. However, I will have more opportunity for naps, a little person to snuggle with, and a cute baby to dress however I feel! I definitely feel like the latter is going to outweigh my sleeping in! I'll just have to adjust to my new life!
So going back to the doctor, I was so proud of AJ, she was very well-behaved and very cooperative! She laid there and let the technician do her work and we got some great pics of her! They wanted to double check her anatomy since they couldn't get a great look last time, and everything was looking great. The tech even said, and I quote, "Look at that heart... Perfect!" Yeah... she is going to be perfect, but I have to say, I wasn't worried at all! It did however make me feel better that I am apparently doing something right since she is growing great! She weighs 1lb, 14 oz which is exactly where she should be and according to her measurements she is still on track for an October delivery. I am totally expecting her to be a late baby... both Chris and I were and she seems very happy in there, so why rush her, but when they did the measurements some were saying an estimated date of Sept 30 which is only 2 days early, but is still making me think that she could come right on time! Oh well, we are almost all ready for her so I don't care when she comes... the sooner the better! Here are the most recent pictures of Allison June:
Here I am at 26 Weeks:
And here's AJ at 26 Weeks:

 Yea.. Still a Girl!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

AJ's Nursery

Well, I did it... I FINALLY finished painting AJ's room! It took me about a month to do it, which I knew it would, but it was totally worth it! It looks so amazing! I like to sit in there and just stare at the pictures! I can't believe that I did that.... now, I am not calling my self an artist, because I totally traced the pictures, but it makes me feel like I have more talent than I do! Like, I could be an artist if I really wanted to!
I absolutely have to give all the credit to this website for all of the ideas for the room! This designer apparently knew exactly what I wanted for my baby's room and did it for someone else so I could copy it! Now the room is no where near complete, but at least the painting is done! Now it's Chris' turn in the room and build the crib and hang curtains and all that fun stuff!
I hope y'all enjoy the pictures... I just wish you could see it in person! It is so amazing!

Here are the before pictures:

This is the end of Phase 1, getting ready for Phase 2

Getting ready for Phase 3:

 Phase 3...DONE!

Getting ready for Phase 4:

 Phase 4... DONE!!!
 Phase 5... DONE!!
And that's my baby's room! I can't wait for her to see it! Only 3 more months!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day, and to celebrate his first Father's Day, Chris went to DC... without me and his baby! He had to go for another work trip, but he should be back soon! Not to worry, AJ did her shopping ahead of time, so daddy will be coming home to some lovely gifts! AJ is definitely better at shopping than me.. I am a procrastinator, but she is teaching me it's ok to shop ahead of time!
Anyway, I am definitely not procrastinating on her room though! I have almost finished the painting, only have one character left (which might be the hardest, but oh well) and then I will be done! There are still some decorations I would like to put in the room before I will call it complete, and get the crib set up, but things are going smoothly! Apparently I am in the last weeks of my second trimester and I heard the third one is an uncomfortable trimester, so I am trying to get everything done before then! Chris doesn't understand this logic, but hopefully in the next couple of weeks he will understand and be thankful that I did it all ahead of time! Here is a sneak peek of what I have been doing... This was my first painting for the room and when we bought the dresser it was black! (Chris did the spray painting because it was not good for me!) I promise that the rest of the room looks just as awesome as this! I can't wait to post the pictures! I am still amazed that I did it all by myself!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I've been procrastinating registering for awhile, mostly because I wasn't sure if we were finding out whether we were having a boy or girl and also because it took me FOREVER to decide on a theme for the room! I kept going back and forth between Baby Animals, Sesame Street (since Chris LOVES his Elmo), and Dr. Seuss (since I love him). Well, I finally found a website where a woman wanted a Dr. Seuss-themed room for her child, but most are too boyish and use a lot of primary colors. Well she was having a girl decided to make her daughter's room a girly Dr. Seuss. Well, as soon as I saw her pictures I knew that's what we were doing! I can't wait until we get done with the room, but even just painting the walls has completely changed the room and made it babyish! I am so in love with it now that I know when we get done I might never leave it! Good thing we are planning on spending a couple of weeks in there with AJ! I am refusing to put any pictures up until we get everything done, and hopefully that will be soon! Right now we are in that in-between stage where it looks GREAT, but is so super messy that it is a little discouraging; there are paint cans, brushes and rollers everywhere!
Ok, so going back to the registering thing. We are registered at Pottery Barn Kids and Babies 'R' Us. I also started a registry at Amazon Baby, that has almost all of the same things the Babies 'R' Us registry does, but some things are cheaper, so I thought it would be nice to buy from there, especially if you have an Amazon account. If you would like to buy us anything please feel free to go anywhere and buy it! I know sometimes Target and Walmart have the exact same things for a whole lot cheaper, but I didn't want to register for the same things at several different places, I thought that would be too repetitive. I would also like to throw in that I love bright pinks and lavender and anything with cute polka-dots or stripes. :o)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nothing New

I'm sure you can tell by the title that this is not going to be one of my most interesting blogs, but I feel bad that I haven't written for awhile! Nothing new is going on in our household. We did have a stay-cation a couple of weekends ago, over Memorial Day, and that was great. We went to the zoo, the CNN building and got AJ's room cleared out! It was nice to be productive but still have fun! We also bought a dresser for her and Chris built a topper for it so it is now a changing table! We then painted it and I have to say, is the cutest thing I think I have ever done in my life! I am not putting any pictures up of the room until it is all finished, but I am so excited and you all should be too! This room is going to look so amazing! Once we did get the room cleaned out, we bought the paint and I started painting it... yes I did, but according to the DR it is fine as long as the room was well-ventilated and I felt fine, which I did. So now the room is almost done being painted... we have really tall ceilings, so there is about 2 feet on either side of the room that I couldn't reach, so I have to wait for Chris to do it... we will see when it gets done!
Next on the agenda is painting characters/animals on the walls. I plan on doing that this week, since I have a couple of days off in a row, and then hanging the curtains and putting the crib together. I guess I am tired of not getting the room done, so now I want to get it all done now! I am also thinking that if I get the room done now, then maybe AJ will be here sooner... I know it's crazy, but I just want to hold her and see her in her new room!
Speaking of AJ, she is doing quite well, kicking up a storm these days! I feel like she is in a bouncy house and is jumping from one side to the other! She has started kicking harder than normal so I can see my tummy moving! That's a weird feeling/sight to see!
So that's it for now, hopefully next time I will have more information and exciting news to write about!