Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Feeling Artsy Today

Today was a beautiful day and after it's been cold and rainy for the past 4 days, it just made it that much better! So Allison and I decided to get out and enjoy the marvelous day, so we went to the park and then walked to the library (right across the street). We both enjoyed it so much, and I couldn't help but think as she gets older we will be doing the same thing... going to the park and library! It was her first time in the library and she loved looking around. We picked up a book and I started reading it and she seemed to really enjoy it! She was moving her hands all around and looking intently at the colorful pictures! And then the book ended and she started making, what I call, her monster noises... it's like a growl mixed with frustration. So I started reading another book and she immediately started moving her hands again and got very excited! I'm glad she already loves the library! Hopefully that means that she'll be super smart and love books! I also found out that every Tues they do "lap time" where babies sit in their mommy's laps and sing songs and clap and move around... it sounds really fun, so Allison and I will definitely be checking that out next week! 

Other than our exciting day, nothing has been going on! We are looking forward to her Dr. appt in a couple of weeks to see how big she is, but not looking forward to the shots she'll be getting that day! 

This is how she looks almost all the time... playing with her tongue and fingers! 

I love my naked baby! 

Kissy face! 

Hi Mom! 

What's good on tv? (I love my baby's rolls!)

Our path at the park

A pretty creek we cross over

What a marvelous day! 

I love these hands! 

So sweet.... exhausted after our long day!

She's supposed to be sleeping... NOT happening! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's Been A Long Time....

Gosh, I can't believe that I haven't written in about 3 weeks! It's been kind of busy around here, but mostly I lost the cord for my camera, so I couldn't upload any pictures... good news! I found my cord so you can see how beautiful my baby is... and how much she's grown! 

I guess I'll start right where I left off. We left to go to Kentucky right before the new years, and I was scared to death to make the trip. It's about a 7 hour drive, and I just didn't know how well she would do. Well, she was perfect! We left at 4am and she slept almost all the way. We stopped outside of Nashville (about 5 hours in) and ate breakfast, giving her time to stretch her legs, eat some food and change her diaper! The way home was a bit more tricky since we didn't leave until 2, but she was still AWESOME in the car and we made it home with only a couple of fussy moments! 

We got home and the next day was my birthday, so Chris took it off so we could spend the day together. We didn't do a whole lot, Chris made me an AMAZING cake (vanilla-coconut) that was shaped like a glacier with penguins... it however didn't turn out exactly like he wanted it to, so I wasn't allowed to photograph it... we are supposed to be redoing it to make it perfect, so I will take a picture then! We did go out shopping and out to dinner which was lovely! I was able to buy some cute clothes and Allison got some new bottles (They've really helped with the spitting-up issue)! 

Other than that, there has not been too much going on. I started back to work last week, which was hard, but it was nice having a little time to myself. I was doing really great until some people came in with their baby and he/she started cooing and laughing and I about lost it... It made me really miss her but it's only for 2 days a week, so I really can't complain that much! Thank God I don't have to go back full time, I would really miss her and the time we have together! 

Oh yes, Allison did have her first laugh the other night, but it didn't last long and she's only done it once more since then... but I promise, when she gets better and more frequent with it, I will definitely get it on video! 

(Oh yes, the pictures with Allison dressed up like an elephant is because Alabama won the BCS Nation Championship for the 14th time... most in  College history, so my mom made me put her in it and take her picture... I think Allison kind of liked it though)

Napping with Uncle John getting ready for the New Year 

Chillin' before we go out for Mommy's birthday

Lookin' good to go have lunch with Daddy


ROLL TIDE!!! (Is it over yet?)

"I wonder what it's like to be an elephant?"

Allison's perfected her smiling!

Look how beautiful!!!

Allison happy about going shopping for Mommy's birthday!