Monday, October 31, 2011

Allison's First Halloween!

There's not a whole lot to say about the day. It was rather boring. We did nothing all day, then passed out some candy at night. We also had to have a baby fashion show because we have so many cute Halloween outfits! So, enjoy the pictures and I'll tell you all about what's going on with us later! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

 Baby's First Halloween Outfit

I'm a cute little pumpkin!

Watch out for the spiders!!!

Happy Halloween from the Lindquist's

Happy Halloween from Grandma and Allison!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 3

First off let me start by saying that I will soon have better titles for my posts. I'm getting bored with them and I'm sure that you are too! I will try to be more creative next time, but tonight I'm too tired to think of anything clever! Anyway, last week was really good. We had a lot of firsts. My relatives came in from Arkansas and we had a nice visit with them. We all went out to lunch for the first time and then we went to the Georgia Aquarium. AJ slept the whole time, but the rest of us had a great time! I forgot my camera, so I had to take pictures to my cell phone and can't seem to figure out how to put the pictures on my computer. It's something to do with my Mac, not me being computer illiterate!

We also went to Babies R' Us and stocked up on some clothes for AJ. It's great having people around that want to spoil her! Soon I will be putting on a fashion show with all of her new outfits, but it hasn't happened yet since we have had no where to go. I don't like to dress her up just to lounge around the house in, but next week we have plans to go out, so she will definitely be dressed to impress!

Let's see, we also had our first car ride to Aunt Kathleen's to visit for the day. AJ really seemed to enjoy spending time with her Aunt and Uncle and Cousins. Well, she mostly slept the whole time, but then she got up and ate for a little bit. That seems to be all that she does, but she sure is cute while she does it!

Oh yes, we also went back to the doctor today and AJ is finally back up to her birth weight, plus an ounce! She has also grown half an inch! I feel like she is starting to change, her facial features are starting to look different than at birth, but I can't tell you how. She is gaining weight in her cheeks though, it looks like she is starting to store up for the winter.

Let me also say that she is starting to change her habits. She has been keeping Chris up later and later at night because she doesn't like to be in her crib. She is fine as long as she is being held, but the minute you put her down she starts to scream! It's funny how she can go from being (seemingly) sound asleep to wide awake and crying! She has been falling asleep around 2 and then waking me up about 6. Chris is fine with staying up with her at night so I can get some sleep, which I GREATLY appreciate!

Well, I think that is it for now. Enjoy some more pictures that we took throughout the week!

 I really wanted a picture of Allison, but Chris made me take a picture of him too!

My sweet Cupcake... She sometimes likes her pacifier!

 Happy Baby!

We tried to dress up for the day, but it didn't last too long. About long enough to take this picture.

Allison and her great-grandma! (Hopefully more family pictures will be coming soon)

 Daddy and a sleepy baby!

She does like to stretch out!

I'm in love with these little feet!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week 2

This week has definitely been better than the previous one. I have been feeling better (less pain from the c-section) and AJ is getting into a routine. She has been on a 4 hour schedule during the day and at night she likes to sleep! Chris will give her a bottle between 11 and midnight and she wont wake up until 7 or 8 in the morning! I am usually asleep by 10 so I am thankful that she is on formula so that Chris can help out and take the "night" shift!

In other news, we went for our first walk yesterday! It was a beautiful day so Chris and I decided that we would take the dogs out.. and try out the stroller for the first time! It was wonderful. I did the whole track that we used to do and felt great! AJ slept the whole time and Chris and the dogs got to run around and release some energy! There's a cold front that's moving in, so I hope that it doesn't get too cold so we can still walk and AJ not get too cold! I haven't done her winter shopping yet... I kept waiting to see how big she was going to be so I wouldn't buy clothes she couldn't wear! I guess now's the time to hit the mall and buy some jackets and fuzzy-onesizes!

Last week one of my friends from high school came over and she took some AMAZING pictures of Allison! They are so adorable and we were so fortunate that AJ slept the whole time! I can't wait to get the prints of all the pictures and start decorating! It's going to be a cross between a Dr. Seuss and Allison house! Until later, enjoy these amazing pictures of my beautiful daughter!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 1

Well, we made it through our first week together! And you know what? It wasn't too bad! We had our moments of no sleep and crying for no reason, but we made it and we are all learning each other! Allison has learned to sleep through the dogs barking hysterically for no good reason and the dogs have learned that when Allison starts crying, Chris and I come running! We're also trying to get into some type of schedule, and it has been rather difficult! Allison likes to sleep through the night (Thank God), but it throws her off during the afternoon. We also had an issue with her weight while we were in the hospital, that she had lost more than 10% of her body weight, so she had to be fed formula in addition to my breast feeding. As we were leaving the hospital they said that she had gained weight and that we were fine to stop the formula and just breast feed, but to check in with the pediatrician to make sure everything was still fine. So we did just that, and the pediatrician said that she was still fine and to only breast feed. We went back to the pediatrician yesterday to get a weight on her and unfortunately she had lost more weight! She now weighs 6lbs 8oz. So we are back to the breast feeding with bottles afterward. I have to say, this might not be the worst thing for us. We are having to wake her up every 3-4 hours to feed her so it's helping us get more into a routine. We'll see how tonight goes, since I'm used to getting at least 6 hours of sleep! It has been rough because the formula has been making her constipated! This is just no fun for anyone! And when she does "go" it's very unpleasant to change!!! Chris and i have to flip for who's turn it is to change "those" diapers!

Other than that, we have been doing great! we've had some great support from family and friends and I look forward to the coming weeks to see how big she is growing (and gaining weight) and see what kind of routine we get ourselves into! Here are some pictures from the week! Sorry that the blogs so short, but baby calls!

 Allison sleeping with grandma!

Her first bath! Notice those scrawny legs! I call them her Chicken Legs! (Looks like her daddy's!)

Not loving the first bath!

Time to snuggle up with daddy!

It's getting better, but they weren't warm yet!

I'm so in love with my child, it's risiculous!

She likes to stretch out those long limbs!

It took some time, but she likes her swing! (Also, she has no 0-3 month clothes, so they are all SUPER big on her!)

Friday, October 7, 2011

She's Here, She's Here!!!

I'll worn you now, this is going to be very long and detailed, so if you don't want to read it all, scroll to the bottom to see my beautiful baby girl!

Saturday October 1, 2011 started out like any other day. It was the first gorgeous Fall day that we've had. I had to be at work at 10, so I got up, took a shower, and got dressed like normal. Chris went to go take the dogs for a quick walk before taking me to work and while he was gone I did the dishes. I then got this urge to use the bathroom, like "I can't hold it it's coming out now!" kind of use the bathroom. So, I ran as quickly as I could and when I got there, nothing happened! I thought I had felt something come out, but there was nothing on my maxi-pad nor on my pants. So on the way to work I told Chris, "Please don't go far today, I need you to be close just in case." His response, "why?""Because there's a slight possibility my water just broke, but I'm not sure." "WHAT?!? Why are we going to work?!" "Because, I'm not sure that it happened, and if it didn't, I need to be at work." (Gotta love my dedication to Pottery Barn!)

So we get to work and I have about 10 mins before I had to be there, but I got the same urge to go to the bathroom and rushed into work. This time was different though. With every step I took, something came out and by the time I got to the bathroom my maxi-pad was soaked through and my pants were wet. And unfortunately, it wasn't clear....which meant that she had had her first bowel movement. So I rush to my manager and tell her, "I'm going to try not to freak out, but my water just broke, so I can't work today!" She, of course, understood and wished us the best luck! I started crying because I was freaking out, but they were so excited I couldn't help by get excited too! So Chris and I get to the car and we call the Drs office to see what to do... see I wasn't contracting, so I didn't know if we should rush to the hospital or not. The nurse told us to take our time, get some breakfast and take a shower and then head to the hospital. By the time we get there, I should be contracting. So, since I was already ready for the day, we just decide to head to the hospital. Of course the first person I call, after the Dr., was my mom. she said, Hello, and I said... Wanna have a baby today?!? And she was on her way to ATL!

Chris and I get within a block of the hospital when Chris decided he needed a cup of coffee, and since we were taking our time there was no reason to not stop. So we stop by Einstein Bros. and get a cup of coffee (which took about 30 minutes because on a cold Sat morning EVERYONE needs coffee!). Well, I had started contracting by this time, but in an effort to not scare my husband, was keeping it to myself. We then get to the hospital and I tell him, let's just park and walk. I'm not delivering now, I could use the walk. (as opposed to him dropping me off by the front door). Well, what no one had told me is that once your water breaks, it keeps "breaking." Meaning by the time we got to the check-in desk, my pants were completely soaking wet! Very embarrassing, just so you know! We then get checked in and get to a room where I'm strapped to monitors and an IV. Meanwhile, it's 11:00 now and they told me that I was 3cm dialated and 80% effaced. Labor was looking good for us!

At about 2:30, I was getting very uncomfortable with my contractions and Chris and I decide that maybe it's time for the epidural; since labor will not be getting any better, why wait. So they come in and start the epidural, and they can't get it in. It took them at least 3 times to try to find where he wanted to stick me and kept having to numb different spots! After the 2nd attempt, I was done. I figured labor wasn't that bad, he could stop. And I'm crying and in obvious pain so Chris and the nurse were trying to hold me down and keep me calm. Finally he gets the epidural in and the relief starts to begin! The midwife comes in about 3 to check me out and says that I'm now 5cm dialated and labor is going smoothly! My mom got there and we all chilled in the room for awhile watching football games until they came and checked me again at 5 and I hadn't changed. They put me in different positions and gave me medicine to help progress labor. She came back and checked at 7 and still nothing had changed. I measured 6cm during a contraction, but still a 5 otherwise. Then the on-call doctor came in and talked to us. He said basically they were waiting for something bad to happen to go in and get AJ, so why wait. Let's just go ahead and go in and get her. Chris was weary, I had prepared myself for it, so we then were set up for a c-section.

They came in about 8 to get me some more medicine and get things cleaned up for the surgery and Chris got into his gown and we were ready to go. My mom waited in the waiting room for us and we were off. Baby Allison was born at 8:56 pm! She started crying as soon as they pulled her head out! I started crying as soon as I heard that little cry and Chris stood up and took as many pictures as he could! They took her to go get cleaned up and Chris followed, camera in hand, to stay with her. They finished getting me cleaned and put back together, and then I was off to recovery to go see my baby girl! (They had showed her to me as they were passing and kept talking about how beautiful she was, but I didn't get to look at her all that well until the recovery room). They were giving her a bath when I came in and she looked so precious I couldn't hold back more tears! They then let me hold her and all I could think was she looks so much like me! I wasn't expecting that at all!!! The 3 of us got to hang out there for about 2 hours until they got our room ready and then my mom and family came in to see her! It didn't turn out exactly like I had expected, but Allison June is here and she was perfect, healthy, and beautiful!!!

Allison June Lindquist
Born Saturday October 1, 2011 at 8:56 pm
Weighing 7 pounds, 7 ounces and 21 inches long

 Chris is ready to go in and get her out!

Baby's first picture!

Our first family picture! (I was trying to squeeze in)

I love this picture!

Happy to be with mommy!

She's a snuggler just like her mommy!

I love my daughter!!!

Grandma is just as excited as mommy!

Look how pretty she is!