Wednesday, August 31, 2011

35 Weeks

I can't believe that I have made it this far! It seems to have taken forever, but it's here! Last week we did a lot of shopping for the baby, bought the stroller, the pack n' play, the crib mattress, and some sheets! I finally feel like if she were to come tomorrow everything would be just fine! Chris and I also went through our Child-Birth Class and it was great. We got a lot of information and tried different relaxing methods to find what I like so Chris knows what to do in the hospital! I think this was one of my first wake-up calls that she is coming soon and it's going to hurt! Every time I think about the hospital I imagine rushing to the hospital and then poof, she's here! I guess it doesn't really work that way, but I'm hopeful it won't be too bad! I just finished writing up a "Birth Plan" that Chris and I have discussed and I hope that it goes the way I am planning. For most of the scenarios, I answered "If needed" or "Whatever I feel like." I'm know that I can't plan this out, but it's nice being able to be a little prepared. And being able to share my plans with Chris (since I'm sure he'll forget by then) and the nurses.
Other than that, there really isn't a lot going on. Chris and I are going to an Infant CPR class tonight with some friends so we can get a refresher course and know what to do in an emergency! Hopefully my doll won't be the one that dies! At least I'll have Chris there to resuscitate it if it does! He knows what to do, he's just going along with me for support! So I'll let you all know how it goes later! 
By the way, we did go to the doctor on Friday to get a check-up and at the time, AJ was measuring 36 weeks (which was about a week and a half ahead of time). So I guess it's very possible that she could be coming early, but I think she is just going to be a rather large baby and come right on time! I guess that we will have to wait and see! Since no more ultrasounds are coming, we will see about how much she weighs! Hopefully she will be small enough to where we can still have a "natural" birth (natural meaning not a c-section; not a no pain medication birth)! 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

34 Weeks/ Happy Birthday Chris

I still can't believe that I am 34 weeks pregnant! It seems like just yesterday I was 24 weeks and getting the ultrasound that identified her as AJ and not Falcon! It still seems like we have a lot left to do, but Chris is really helping me get those done. Well, he's letting me get those things done at least! I signed us up for a hospital tour next week so we should know where to go when we deliver and finally got signed up for childbirth class so we can know what to do while we are heading for the hospital! And hopefully next week we will go shopping and buy some of the last things that are needed before she comes, like the pack-n-play and crib mattress and baby monitor. So things are coming together and we are almost prepared for Baby Allison to come!
Chris has been out of town for the past week for work, so we postponed his birthday until he got back. Well, today was the big day to celebrate and we had a great time! He came home last night and opened his presents and had a piece of cake and this morning I made him breakfast in bed. He had turkey bacon, eggs and homemade apple-caramel cinnamon rolls! It was so yummy and he really enjoyed them! Then after several hours, we went out to lunch at a place called Mary Mac's Tea Room. It is a well-known place in Atlanta, and I had never been, so we went. It was also very yummy! Very southern food, but delicious! I had chicken tenders, fried green tomatoes, and mac & cheese and Chris had a cheeseburger, fresh fruit and coleslaw. He also thought it was quite yummy! Then we drove around for a while trying to figure something to do so we went to his sisters house and took a nap (always enjoyable!). We then went to go see "Mr. Popper's Penguins" which was a cute movie and then we headed home. All in all a great day! Here are some pics for y'all to enjoy!
 Chris' awesomely wrapped presents!

A jogging stroller that he can enjoy in several months once AJ is here! (This was Allie's gift to Chris!)

A yogurt maker that he can enjoy now! (Something he had asked for a LONG time ago!)

Chris' birthday cake. It's a Carrot-Pumpkin Cake... VERY DELICIOUS!!!

Yes, I free-handed Elmo.... probably could've been better, but practicing for the future!

Me at 34 weeks

And another one of me at a different angle.... Chris said I look like I am having twins! (so supportive!)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

33 Weeks and Counting

So I decided the other day that I am going to cherish these last few weeks that I have to be by myself and with Chris. I know through my last post I bitched a lot about how I couldn't be happy and I just want her out of me, but it finally hit me the other day that in about 6 weeks we are going to have a baby! Like, there will be a baby living at our house... and never going away! I can't believe that! Every time I hear a crying baby I get a little scared, like am I going to be able to handle it? What kind of cry is that? How many diapers am I going to go through in a day?!? I know that in about 6 weeks I will get all the answers to these questions (and more), so I am trying to cherish every day now and make the most of it!
Chris left Sunday morning for Washington D.C., hopefully for the last time, and I had my lazy day. I went to church, the grocery store, and then Blockbuster (who, BTW, is having $0.49 movies on Sunday's!) and had a movie day with a little nap mixed in! Then yesterday I had to work and that just takes up the whole day, so nothing great happened. Today though, I decided I was going to start being productive. I wanted to start cleaning the house and decided that our room was number one. Well, after 4 hours it's finally clean! Like no dust bunnies, no hair tumbling around the room, fresh sheets, clean windows, and even vacummed dog beds! I then decided to start some laundry, clean the closet, and then the bathroom. After another 2 hours, those too are clean (The laundry is still going, just in case anyone cares)! And for those of you who haven't ever seen our closet, it's about the size of a small bedroom so it was a task in and of itself! Tomorrow I plan on moving downstairs and clean the kitchen, living room, den and bathroom. Hopefully it wont take me all day to do, but it'll be worth it in the end. There's something about coming home to a clean house that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! Hopefully Chris will feel the same, although I'm sure he'll be too tired to notice!
So to sum it up, as I am writing this, my tummy is moving all over the place. I don't know what I'm going to do in 6 weeks when she's kicking from the outside and not the inside! It's going to be a weird feeling not seeing my tummy move or feeling those punches and jabs all night!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our First Pediatrician

So it is official, AJ has a pediatrician... well 5 to be exact! I found this great office about 5 miles away from our house that came with great reviews and was recommended by the hospital where we will deliver. I went yesterday for a tour and met some great nurses and one doctor (unfortunately, the other doctors had gone home for the day). The office was kind of plain, but they seemed really great and seem to offer really good care. Each doctor specializes in different areas, so we can stay in the same office but get better help, like if AJ has allergies, asthma, or breast feeding problems. They also seem to have the same philosophy in medicating children that Chris and I have, where medicine is good to a point, but we don't want AJ to be over medicated or given medicine if it's not going to work; i.e., a cold. 
Anyway, so that was the highlight of my day yesterday. At least I am one step closer for AJ's arrival and getting things checked off my list. Now if only I can get Chris to let me start buying all of the leftovers that we need... pack-n-play, car seat, baby monitor, crib mattress, etc! 

Monday, August 8, 2011

32 Weeks... Are we done yet?

Well as there is only 2 months left of this wonderful thing called pregnancy I'm trying to cherish each moment. I do love when I'm sleeping and woken up by what feels like spasms in my tummy or left or right jabs to by ribs! Then there's the occasion foot that comes up and looks like an alien is trying to escape from my stomach. And lets not forget the wonderful weight that I've put on. I did what I probably should not have yesterday and that was step on the scale. I have gained 16 pounds since pregnancy, which I am trying to reason out, like "The baby weighs 4 lbs, then there's water weight, the placenta, and uterus; so I've really only gained like 5 lbs of fat!" Although this reasoning seems like it should work, when I try to put on my pants that are barely fitting or have to take my rings off because my fingers are so swollen, there is nothing that can help! The only thing getting me through this is the hope that I will be breast feeding and lose weight quickly! At least after AJ comes I'll be too busy or sleepy to eat anything.. that should help me lose a couple of pounds at least!
Anyway, so enough of the bitching, we'll look at the positives of this week. Hopefully we will have a Pediatrician by Wed. I have 2 appointments with Drs that got really good reviews, and one my hospital recommends (which is awesome since my hospital is about 40 miles from my house and this Dr. is like 5 miles away)! That way if needed, they will be at the delivery and I wont have to drive too far for regular appointments or check-ups. So hopefully I will really like these people and Allie will have a doctor! I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random Thoughts

So I'm sitting on the sofa watching "The Price is Right" looking through old pictures while waiting on my laundry to get done so I can go fold it. As I'm looking through the pictures a lot of things are coming to mind.
1. I haven't looked at my baby's ultrasound pictures since we first got them. There's one picture of her profile and I swear I already see Chris in her!
2. Chris and I have know each other for a lot longer than I thought we had! Time flies when you're having fun, I guess!
3. Chris is a very handsome man! I don't mind my daughter having his features at all.... as long as they aren't too manly! :o)
4. People keep saying I've lost weight since I got pregnant.... I am starting to believe them! I looked really bad in some of those pictures, and my face seems to be thinning out! YEA!
5. I look much better with long hair.... maybe it just makes my face look thinner!
6. I miss the times Chris and I used to spend together before we were married... I guess he was trying to impress me, but we had a lot of fun times! Hopefully, once AJ comes, we can all spend fun times together!
7. I looked really good in my wedding dress (not to toot my horn too much)!
8. I miss the wedding was so yummy!
9. I miss my friends from back in the day... I used to have great times baking cookies with Diane, going to bars with Gail (well, glad I grew out of that one!), going out for drinks after work with Ray Ray, and going to Pablo's with Denise and Lucy! I guess it's true that time changes things!
10. I wouldn't give my world up now for anything... not even to go back and hang out with old friends!
11. Am I going to be a good mom?
12. I've never held a newborn before... Hopefully AJ will know what to do!
13. I keep thinking that my baby is going to be different... quiet, a sleeper, happy, well-behaved, etc. Hopefully I'm right!
14. I think too much! And it is always very random when I do.
15. I have to go finish touching up the baby's room... I see some mistakes that I made, no one else might notice, but I know and that will drive me crazy every time I see it!
So, I hope you enjoyed my random thoughts for today. I definitely recommend taking a stroll down memory lane sometime, but don't stay there. The present is definitely much better than the past!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

31 Weeks

I can't believe I'm almost there... only 9 more weeks to go and she'll be here (well, give or take a week or so)! It seems like one day I have everything under control and I am ready for her arrival and then the next day I get so scattered with everything that we have left to buy! I have finally made a list of what we need and when we need it by, i.e. we need a car seat, but not until she's 30lbs, so we can wait awhile on that, but we do need a pack 'n' play, so we should buy that now. I'm trying to not stay overwhelmed since I know Chris can't handle any more of my craziness, but it's hard and he doesn't seem to get how important it is to me that we have this stuff now, so we don't have to go shopping after Allie is born! I mean, I might want to get out of the house, but I'm not sure Walmart or Babies R Us is where I would like to head to!
Anyway, so Sunday Chris and I went to church and then decided to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast... probably not the smartest idea, but we did it and was able to be seated within 20 minutes. Well, while we were waiting, we shopped around and they had all of their Halloween stuff out, which I have to say is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for... I love the fall and the colors and ghosts and everything. They even had baby costumes like bumblebees and monsters and stuff, so I'm falling in love with this and I had my first random person come up and ask me when I was due. It made me realize that my favorite season will come with the best gift! I just hope I can enjoy the season this year! Anyway, so we continue to shop and I had 3 more people come up and ask when the baby is due! Apparently I have finally reached the point where I am no longer "fat" but I am Preggers! Allison is definitely ready to take the spotlight and be the center of attention!
So here is the picture of what I was wearing that makes AJ "POP!"