Wednesday, September 28, 2011

39 Weeks And Still Waiting

Chris and I went to the doctor's office today and the whole way there I kept saying was the only thing I wanted was to be at 1cm.... at least I knew then that she was on her way (even though we would still have a while to wait). Well, according to the Dr, we are a "relaxed" 1cm (which I have no idea what that means) but we are where I was anticipating us being! Then he asked me if I wanted to "soften the membranes" to which I asked, "What are the advantages?" Apparently it helps the baby know that it's time for her to come out! So I said, SURE. Which I have to say, I was in a complete ethical dilemma when he asked me! I want AJ to come on her own time, but then I am ready for her to come, but I don't want to induce yet, but this isn't really inducing. So I asked Chris... he didn't care! We decided to go ahead and let him soften the membranes. He then was sitting there talking to us about our "exit strategy" for the baby coming and said that if things go as they should, we should have the baby in the next 48 hours! I then had to stop him and was like, "WHAT? I could have a baby in the next couple of days?!?" I know I've been looking forward to this for the past 9 months, but the fact that it could be here in the next 2 days?!? I'm getting a little scared.

***I then talked to one of my friends and she gave me 2 examples of people that had their membranes stripped (or "relaxed") and within 24 hours they had a baby! At least all of my bags are packed and I'm ready to go. My freezer is completely stocked with food for when we come home and the house is the cleanest that it will ever be! The funny thing is that all I can think about is what's in the fridge that will spoil while we are in the hospital? Chicken Pot Pie. Salad Mix. Carrots. And every little twinge that I feel makes me think that I could go into labor at any time! I do have to say, I m not scared of the labor process. I just want her here to hold her and play with her little feet!***

Anyway, then doctor then scheduled us with an ultrasound for Monday to check and make sure that she is still growing and healthy. Then, if she hasn't come yet, we get to decide what day we would like to induce! There's my next ethical decision I'll have to deal with! I get to decide what day her birthday will be! Do I want it on an even or odd day? A friends/family birthday? A significant day? I tell you, she's not even out yet and I'm already going crazy with all the decisions I have to make for her! I'm really hoping that she comes within the next 2 days so that I don't have to make all the decisions myself! I hope to share some good news in the next couple of days, but by Monday we will know for sure when our daughter will be here!

***Side Notes***

Friday, September 23, 2011

Baby Room...Part 2

Well, after 9 months of planning and preparing, we finally finished the baby room! I can't believe it, and it looks so good too! I love to just go and sit in there and ponder what life will be like in the coming months.  So here are the pictures of the room... all complete!

 Here's one wall (nothing too exciting happening here. I will eventually get some picture frames to put on the floating shelf).

 The back wall, and the bed that we will be sleeping in come the next couple of weeks.

Here's the changing table, crib, and rocking chair... kind of cluttered, but in order to keep the bed in the room, we had to do it.

AJ's growth chart with a home-made ribbon board above it...

For all of her hair clips and head bands! And pictures when she comes along. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

38 Weeks... Still

Well, we went to the Dr. this morning, hoping for a little good news... maybe something like, "She's coming in the next couple of days." Nope, not so much. Let me back track just a little to last night. I started getting the same back pains/mini-contractions that I've had before. I thought that these were more Braxton-Hicks, so I didn't think too much of it. Well, they started about 2:30am and each contraction lasted about 45 seconds and were about 6-7 minutes apart from each other. I tried different things to help relieve the pain. I tried sitting up in bed, moving to a chair (in the nursery), sleeping in a different bed (in the nursery), taking a hot bath, drinking lots of water... Nothing helped! The bath was very relaxing, but as soon as I got out, the pain started again. I also turned on some music to try to help put me in a "relaxing mood," but again, that wasn't happening. I had also kept telling myself, these are faux-contractions... They aren't real, there's no need to do alarm anyone (including Chris, he started going through them with me, but fell asleep early on, so I let him stay asleep). I also knew that I had a Dr. appointment in a few hours, so I wasn't going to drive to the hospital when I could just wait and see the Dr.... he could send me to the hospital if it was time! Well, around 6:30am I was finally able to fall back asleep, and then woke again to Canela needing to go outside at 7:30am. Let me also throw in here, the money we will be spending on diapers, will be saved in toilet paper. Throughout my whole night, I went to the bathroom 12 times... after 4, I thought I should keep count to keep things interesting!

So after I get out of bed I'm still really sore and my back is killing me. I started to have some more mini-contractions, but nothing to alarm anyone over. Again, I keep telling myself, we are going to the Dr. soon, he will tell me what to do. Mind you, I'm mentally preparing myself for him to 1) Tell me they are real contractions and I'm going into labor, the baby will be here soon; and 2) tell me that they are Braxton-Hicks and I'm still not dialated and the baby wont be here anytime soon. So we get to the Dr, I tell them I'm having false contractions so they decide to check my cervix to make sure that nothing is going on. The Dr. comes in, asks me a bunch of questions, and then checks me out. Sure enough, my cervix is still closed and high... I mean, the baby hasn't even dropped yet! She's no where near ready to come! I then ask the Dr. if he can tell how big she is and he is estimating that she's around 8 lbs! 8 lbs and she's not here yet?!?! That means that she's going to be HUGE whenever she does decide to come! He also talked to me about inducing the labor but I told him that we would like to wait until she decided to come... I don't want to rush her along if she's not ready. So she has until 41 weeks before she is pushed out... or come in and gotten!

We go back to the Dr. next Wed, so hopefully there will be a little progression then, but I'm expecting the baby to come around Oct 10-13... I have been pretty good about my baby pools lately, so we'll see how she does. At least my back is no longer hurting and the faux-contractions have stopped! I don't mind going through them, but I need to be rewarded somehow for all that pain!

Monday, September 19, 2011

38 Weeks

Well, there is only 2 weeks left and I am so ready for her to come! I have been trying to be patient and enjoy this last little bit that I have to myself and with Chris, but I don't think I can do it much longer! Yesterday Chris and I went out and spent the day together and as it was the most gorgeous day, I couldn't really enjoy it. We started out at church and it was so hard for me to stand and sing the songs (my favorite part of church, by the way) because I couldn't breathe... it was like she was sitting on my lungs and I just couldn't catch my breath. Then we went out to lunch and that of course was yummy, but after an hour of sitting my legs go numb and I get really uncomfortable. Then we went to Fry's to kill time and Chris needed to get something and after an hour of walking I was so uncomfortable that I had to go sit down and wait for him to finish looking. Then we decided to go to Historic Norcross and walk around the town window shopping and enjoying the day. It too was great but then I got so thirsty we had to leave because everything was closed and there was no where for me to get anything to drink! Mind you, the whole day we are having to make room for potty breaks too! It seems I can't go an hour without having to go to the bathroom... which isn't a problem except when we got caught in traffic or it takes us over an hour to get to our destination! We then finally returned home and we started some housework. I got around to vacuuming the living room and was completely exhausted. Again, couldn't breathe and needed to sit down and rest! I swear, I do love this child more than anything, but I think she's getting too big for her current living conditions. I just wish she would come out so we could put her in her nursery with adequate room for her to grow!

Then last night I couldn't sleep. I have almost given up on sleep itself. I go to bed around 10 and around 2 she wakes me up to play, no reason for me to be up, I just can't sleep any more! Last night hit a new record of the number of times I woke up and stayed up! Every time I turned over I had to reposition her. I started on my sides, but then my hips started to hurt, so I tried my back. I then had every organ in my body aching because she was laying on them... and my back was hurting too! I've never experienced my liver or kidneys hurting before, but I'm pretty sure I did last night! It was an endless night of me tossing and turning and getting up to go to the bathroom... and poor Chris, I kept hitting him in my attempts to get comfortable, so I'm sure he didn't get a lot of sleep either! I keep thinking that at least when she comes out and cries all through the night, Chris can at least get up and try to soothe her for a little bit while I try and get a little bit of sleep.

All of this is to say that I am ready for her to come. Everything has been purchased and we are just waiting on her arrival! So hurry soon little girl! We are all waiting for you to come!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9 Years

I didn't realize that it has been 9 years since my grandma died. It seems like just yesterday we were baking brownies together at her house. As most of you know, the reason Allison's middle name is June is because of my grandma! She was the sweetest, happiest, most Godly woman I've ever known. She would always look forward to those surprise visits to her house on any given night of the week and taught me that a Big Buford from Rally's really is the greatest burger out there... especially with some yummy fries! She was always there for me when I was really sick, gave me my favorite stuffed animal, Brannon, when I had my knee surgery and was there for me when I had my wisdom teeth out and my mom had to go to the store to buy me some popsicles.

Sunday at church we were talking about the September 11 events and about how precious life is and how short it is too. Only with God can we feel safe and secure knowing that whatever comes our way, He is there for us. We also participated in communion and during my quiet time, the only thing I could think about is will Allison ever see me like I saw my grandma? I know I go to church and try not to curse or do "bad" things, but that's not the same thing as being a Godly woman and being able to see God through myself. I believe that I will be a good parent, not let her get into stuff that's going to harm her, not let her watch tv all day and night, and not let her eat whatever she wants. But will I be able to raise her in a way that God would approve? I'm sure we will have out disappointments, but I really hope that I will do a semi-good job.

Last week I had a dream that I was driving and my grandma was there with me. She saw that I was pregnant and I told her I was naming AJ after her. We then chit-chatted for a bit (not sure what was said) and we got to our destination where Chris was. I told her I wanted to introduce her to Chris and she said, "It's ok, I already know all about him and I love him." I then knew it was time for her to go or for me to wake up and I wanted to ask her what heaven was like but I didn't feel like I could. It felt like she wasn't really gone. I don't know why I enjoyed this dream so much... It felt so real and I was so happy that she liked Chris.

I can't wait to see you again. I love you so much Grandma!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

37 Weeks

Only 3-5 weeks left and no one is going to be happier for her to come than me! I have gotten very uncomfortable over the past week. I'm not sure if she has shifted onto a nerve or if I pulled a muscle, but my back hurts so bad! It hurts to bend, walk and pretty much move in any direction. I lay with my feet propped up at night and it feels better in the morning, but about half way through it is just as painful.... and Tylenol doesn't help at all! She is also getting bigger, so her cute little feet have found a home in my rib cage! Every time I bend over I get a sharp pain and have to "help" her move her foot (which I don't think she likes very much). I've also been working more this week, and I think I am getting too big to do that for much longer. I only work about 4-6 hours a day, but I get home and crash and complain about how tired and sore I am... Poor Chris, I'm sure he loves hearing that EVERY night! Chis and I took some more pictures this morning, so hopefully you will be able to notice how big she is getting (not me, her!). And the dogs were being very cute and sociable this morning, so we took some pictures of them too!

As I am writing this, I am watching the Memorial for 9/11 victims. Today is the 10th anniversary of the act that changed our country forever. I was sitting in Algebra class when they came in and said a plane had hit the Tower, I remember thinking, "Oh, did we know someone on the plane? Why is this so important?" I was in 10th grade and obviously didn't know how shocking this was. We then met for chapel and watched some of the news coverage and then returned to class. I also remember trying to get out of a history test by telling the teacher, "We are going through history right now, let's not take the test." It didn't work. It took me several days and weeks realize how horrible this event was. Every time I watched the news coverage I just thought it was a movie. Now as I watch the video I can't help but think who could do this? What must have the people been thinking when the plane hit their building? Then you hear the many stories of people that were in the towers that made it out alive or the people that made final phone calls to loved ones to tell them "Have a good life" knowing that they weren't going to make it. I can't even imagine getting a call like that from Chris. And I don't know what I would do if I saw a plane crash into his building! I know that God works in mysterious ways and I hope that thousands of people have found God and found peace in all of these tragedies.

 Here I am at 37 Weeks

 I saw a friend do this pose when she was pregnant, and I loved it!

Ashlyn looking cute and friendly! 

 Ashlyn is obsessed with the flash on the camera, and Chris was just bored I think! 

Ashlyn, Chris, and Canela chillin' on the floor! 

Friday, September 9, 2011

36 Weeks.. Still

Chris and I went to the doctor today for another check-up with a midwife. We usually go Friday mornings and are in and out in about 30-45 minutes. I totally love this, and thought that our 10:45 appointment would be the same.... Not so much! We signed in at 10:50 (I know, but there was a line at check-in... I really was on time) and I did my usual go to the bathroom thing for the urine specimen. I then sat down with Chris in the waiting room and at about 11:15 we get called back to do my weight, blood pressure, and blood prick thing. (Which,by the way, lost 4lbs over the last 2 weeks!!!) Then we go to another waiting room and sit there until about 11:45. We then get to go to a room and stay there until 12:15 before the midwife comes in. Apparently they had a lot of "fit-ins" they had to deal with today... Which, I think if I had an appointment, I should go first... but that's just me. Then the midwife comes in checks AJ's heart rate, which is right on target, and her size, which is also right on target! I also had to get the strep test, which i you don't know what this is... it is not very much fun. Let's just say she asked me if I wanted her to check my cervix while she was down there! So I said, "sure, since you're down there and all, let's see what's going on." NOTHING... that's right, my cervix is still high and closed! Apparently AJ is not in any hurry to come... I was thinking after my false contractions the other day I would get a little something out of her, but no! She is going to be stubborn... just like her mommy! (Yes, I was 2 weeks late and the Dr had to go in and get me since I was so cozy and comfortable!) I guess AJ feels the same way. I kept telling Chris afterwards that we are going to have an Oct baby. Then it hit me that Oct. is only like 3 weeks away! Surely I can be patient until then! I mean, at the most I'll have to wait is 5 weeks... then she has no choice, she'll be out no matter what! I've been semi-patient for the past 36 weeks, 5 isn't going to kill me! At least I'll have more time to prepare myself for her arrival!
People keep asking me if I'm scared of the labor and delivery process. I honestly cannot picture myself giving birth! I see me having slight pains, and then poof, she's here. Like we are at home and chillin' on the sofa. I just skip the whole labor/deliver/hospital thing and we are home and happy. After the other night I am definitely reconsidering the epidural thing. I figure it's better to be happy and comfortable for after she comes than to be brave and tough and tired. Anyway, I guess we will see what happens come October and see how painful childbirth really is! I'm sure all those other billions of moms were just wimps... I can handle it.. I'm tough! :o)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

False Labor

And so it begins! Last night, I woke up around 1 and had the most severe back pain. It was very localized and the pain came and went. So after 2 of these episodes Chris and I started to time them. They were coming every 7 minutes and lasted about 1 minute each. After about 5 cycles, they seemed to subside and just became a very dull pain. However, then my right leg started to hurt really bad! It felt like it was asleep, but then it was painful and needed to be moved! After an hour or so I was finally able to fall asleep and slept for 2 hours until the dogs woke me up to take them out...Chris is still sleeping by this time, and is going in to work late since he stayed up with me all night! After getting some breakfast I feel really sore and still have the pain in my leg. Chris made me call the doctor and his nurse said that I was just experiencing false labor.... since the pain subsided. She told me just to put my feet up, relax, and drink lots of fluids! At least I am off today, so I plan on taking it easy, and do some household chores. I do have to say, that pain was not exactly what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be like cramps... not like this kind of pain that wouldn't go away no matter which way I tossed or turned. I did get to practice my "relaxation breaths" and I have to say... not very helpful! Hopefully for the real thing will be more like what I expected and the "breaths" will help more!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Pregnancy

Chris and I went to the child birth class last week and the first thing we did was went around the room and told their names, their due date, the sex of the baby, the baby's name, their favorite thing about the pregnancy, and also their dislikes of the pregnancy. Most everyone was due around November, a couple Octobers and 2 Septembers, and only 2 boys in the bunch (of 11 couples). And everyone said the same thing when it came to the favorite part of pregnancy; feeling the baby kick and getting the ultrasounds. Chris and I, too, said the same thing, but of course we had to add a little flare to ours (see #1)! But I have been thinking about this all week, so I decided to make a list of my favorite things and the things I could do without.

Favorite Things of AJ's Pregnancy:
1. Story Time- every night Chris and I read her 2 books and she knows that we are reading... she always starts kicking around the middle of the first book, but definitely during the second book (which is Chris' book).
2. Story Time- I love that she likes the same books that I liked... not that she knows what we are reading to her, but she still seems to like them. I get to read "Oh, Baby, The Places You'll Go." This is a book I got as a present (because I am a huge Dr. Seuss fan) and it was written based on Dr. Seuss books and is meant to be read in utero. It's such a great book and I really look forward to reading it to her in the hospital and see her kick in person! Chris' book that he reads is "The Monster at the End Of The Book." It's about Grover (from Sesame Street) and is such a fun book. One of my favorites growing up, and Chris adds his own version of how Grover sounds and additional sounds. It's probably why Allie kicks so much while he's reading it.
3. The ultrasounds- Of course we enjoyed seeing the ultrasounds and I wish we would get another one, but I know that she's too big, so we wouldn't be able to see her very clearly. Plus, she'll be here in about a month, so I will wait to see her then! I still go back and look at her ultrasounds and wonder what she'll look like. The pictures are more like blobs and not baby's that I can't see any distinguishing factors on there, but maybe once she comes I will look back and be able to see her better in those pictures.
4. Seeing her grow- It seems like everyday I look down and my tummy gets bigger (I know, impossible, but somehow she is growing without my knowledge). Chris went to DC, and when he came back she had grown quite a bit, at least to him... I guess I hadn't noticed that much. But it's fun when people notice how big she is getting. I saw my mom tonight for the first time in a month and she was shocked at how bug AJ is.... She is definitely the first thing you notice when you see me! And I am always getting commented by strangers about when my baby is due... it's great to look pregnant!

Dislikes of AJ's Pregnancy:
1. The weight gain- As I probably shouldn't complain too much, I have gained 20lbs since we first got pregnant. I keep getting told that the weight will "Fall Off" after the baby comes (especially since I plan on breastfeeding), but I'm still mad that I had to gain weight! I do believe that the weight has "shifted" so I look skinnier in my face and bigger in the tummy, so maybe everyone is right... Hopefully it will all fall off soon!
2. Heartburn- At least I have found drugs that help with this! Thank God for Tums, Prilosec, and Zantac! They are making my life a whole lot easier! (And no, I'm not taking them all at once)
3. Lack of Sleep- If you knew me before I pregnant, you knew that I was a sleeper. I used to go to bed at about 10 and wake up at 9. I like sleep, it does my body good. Lately, I'm not sleeping. I go to bed at 9-10 and wake up at 2 for at least 2 hours, and then wake up at 7. At least I have been able to take naps, but those are usually for only an hour.
4. Patience- I didn't know when I asked God for a baby that I was also asking for patience! I have learned that I am NOT a patient person, mostly when it comes to getting stuff done and my husband procrastinating about it... but now I just can't wait. Everyday seems like an eternity and I just want her here now! We have everything all ready for when she comes, so now we just need her! If she's anything like her daddy, she wont be here for another 2 months though! I also know that in a couple of years I really will be learning patience... bed times, school, homework, etc.! I babysat enough to know that patience is key to raising a child, something I hope to gain!

So these are some of my ups and downs with pregnancy! Seems like the ups definitely outweigh the downs, and I know that when she comes I will forget all about the downs... especially when we think we could use another "Falcon" in our life... I will probably never remember any of the negatives of this pregnancy, only the positives and the positive outcome!