Thursday, August 16, 2012

So Much, So Much!

I know it's been a long time since I've written on the blog, and I would like to apologize! Things have been changing a little and it seems like we're trying to adjust. I started a new job working in our church's nursery a couple of days a week, but it seems like I keep getting added to new days and I feel like I'm there almost every day! Allison comes with me on most days and I think she's starting to notice when I'm not there. I have one day that I'm there with her, but the rest I'm with other age groups (ranging from 2-5 year olds). It's kind of nice to be able to be with different age groups, it makes me appreciate her more and not want her to grow up too fast! Anyway, sometimes she starts to cry a bit when I leave (very painful for me) but she gets REALLY excited when I come back (which makes me feel worse I think!). I have to deal with the whiny kids that cry all day while their parents are gone and I'm so happy that Allison isn't like that, but I'm hoping that she'll stay like that. I want her to have friends, and enjoy the workers there, but still miss me! Hopefully soon she'll start having more fun, but Chris is helping out too when he's off (Wed nights/Sun nights) he'll stay with her and have Daddy/Daughter dates!

In other news, Allison is really starting to walk better (with the help of toys/fingers) and I don't think it'll be long at all before she's walking! Supposedly, last night she took 3 steps while she was with Chris (and I at work!), but there's no proof, so I don't know. I'm not surprised, but I was upset that the 2 hours I leave to go to work, she walks! Of course it was with her daddy though, she'll do anything for him! She's also starting to get more consonants down, and I know that once she starts talking, she'll never stop! She's good at "na na, ba ba, va, va, ma ma, and da da.

Yesterday we also went to the doctor to see our new little bundle of joy! I've been counting down the days since I made the appt 2 months ago, and I can't believe it's over! We went to a Perinatal group to have the ultrasound done, more in-depth, and I am amazed at what we saw! We got to see every inch of my baby including the brain, mouth, spinal cord, ribs, finger/toes (all 10 of them!), and of course the little girl parts! Yep, we are going to have another little Princess around here! Hopefully Allison wont mind sharing her throne! We, of course, were both expecting a little boy, but I'm not disappointed at all that it's not! I'm hoping that Allison and Baby Girl will be good friends growing up, having bunk beds and sleepovers, gymnastics and ballet, and of course, karate!

I've been worried that there was going to be something wrong with this pregnancy, but the doctors said that she looks perfect and everything (placenta/scar) look perfect too! I praise God that He has protected her and is keeping her safe and sound! We go back to get another ultrasound in 6 weeks and that'll show a more in-depth look at the scar and placenta with the baby doubling in size. I continue to pray that God'll keep her healthy and growing and if you think of us, feel free to send up a prayer as well!

I'll try not to make it so long until I blog again!

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